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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. Music225
    I have always had those doubt when I first read about CIEMs , your comment just confirms that I should steer clear of this stuff as of now , especially considering CIEMs are still the new thing in my country , audiologists are all ppl working with deaf ppl , not experienced with audio gear at all .

    As a fellow indecisive head-fier in this audio world , also a blind-buy guy , if you don't mind , I suggest you tell your other considerations , hopefully the time I spent reading hundreds of reviews might give you some helpful thoughts .... wow 2 blind-buy guys exchange purchasing advices to eachother , feel dangerous ? :))

    Do you ? :))
    As for your signature , I strongly urge you to change it immediately , this is not the first time I read your idea of changing sig , if memory serves me right , you also use exactly those same words , same sentences LOL :)))
    No rush though , just take your time and write when you feel like
    Also , a little encouragement , dont know if you like this kind of music , just want to say

    Add better quality MP3
  2. reiserFS
    I just ordered a B-Stock SD-1. I will report how they sound when I get them. Nobody seems to have heard the SD-1 before.
    davidcotton and Music225 like this.
  3. reiserFS
    My SD-1 just shipped, should get them by tomorrow. 
  4. davidcotton

    Nice, must be tempting having thomann "local" like that :)
  5. reiserFS
    It sure is :). Will post my initial impressions tomorrow.
  6. reiserFS
    Got them in my ears right now, still trying to find the best tips as these apparently came only with one pair of small olives. The SD-1 also comes in a zip case, much more portable. 
    First impression is that these are indeed bass light, so nothing for the Techno lover. Will post more with photos later.
  7. Music225
    You might want to look in Ultrazino thread , I remember he showed how to properly insert it some where
    Do you have any other IEM to compare with ?
  8. reiserFS
    Thanks for the link. I only have the Brainwavz S1 and Fidelio S1 to compare it with, nothing too fancy.
  9. Music225
    Both of them are quite well-known , any comparison would certainly help [​IMG]
  10. reiserFS
    I'll try to get to it tonight. If not, probably by tomorrow. I will post an extensive review sometime near the end of the week / mid next week.[​IMG]
  11. davidcotton

    If you are still struggling with fit then there's a video on youtube.  Do a search for stagediver 3 and it should come up.  It's about 1.33 in fwiw.
  12. reiserFS
    Got the right fit with double flanges on both sides now, the isolation is quite nice. 
    Few short impressions as I continue to listen: As people would have guessed, the SD-1 doesn't have that much bass as the SD-2 due to a single driver. That doesn't mean that it has no bass at all though. It hits nicely and is tight but doesn't extend that deep. I would say, coming from Stax, the bass is somewhere around the SR-202s bass. If you're looking for a bit more rumble, you're probably better off with the SD-2. The whole sound signature is pretty linear and natural. 
    Vocals on these are nothing short of amazing - lush, smooth and not even a single hint of sibilance. 
  13. callej
    I just bought the SD1 a couple of weeks ago on Thomann, I'm selling it already (210 Euro) but its an amazing IEM so if someone wants a good deal PM me they are also on ebay. A note on the bass, it did seem to open up after a week of intensive use to the point were tracks I listened again to seemed to have more bass later.. Maybe its just me but they seemed to have opened up a bit. Bass is present but its more in the background. Its really mid centric and focused on vocals. Its also extremely detailed, I could hear things in tracks like distant voices or a pick hammering a guitar string in a precise but natural way. female vocalist sound amazing. My only gripe is the sub-bass was not really there and I'm kinda of a bass guy. My go to in ear is usually the IE80 but after listening to the SD1 its hard to get the same amount of pleasure out of the thing because its not nearly as bright. I think the SD1 is amazing to the point that now I want to sell all my other sets and go for the SD3 because if the signature is close to the SD1 with more Bass its going to be the best IEM for me. They also have a cool sound-stage and I think good separation IMO...

    Ej out
  14. callej
    Also another cool thing for me was the fit.. Like a custom, but more comfortable and amazing isolation. Also running, sports perfect...
  15. nazrin313
    The SD-3 is an amazing monitor and to me it is my go to iem for EDM. I also have the 1plus2 and RTi1 which in their own right are amazing as well, 1plus2 being a great all rounder and the RTi1 for classical, vocals and acoustics BUT when it comes to EDM the sd-3 is untouchable, head and shoulders better. Bigger soundstage, 3D sounding and authorative low end. Not to mention that fit and isolation is amazing too
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