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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. Music225
    Sound promising
    How do they sound if plugged straight to your DAP without AMP ?
  2. nazrin313
    They sound great.. Very good synergy with the ihifi960... But pair it with portatube +.. Then ure in for a ride of a lifetime
  3. Migou67
    If this can help you deciding, this is a private mail that I have send comparing the SD3 and the IE80 that I own :
    To be short for me they are the big brother of the good IE8, they are a clear update with a continuation in the signature.

    Much more isolation, secure fit, bigger soudstage, more 3D, larger bass and good resolution, a step above the IE8, but they are not analitycal. Faster than the IE8 (BA drivers) but only noticiable on a few songs for my poor ears [​IMG]

    Instruments separation is better on the SD3, I like it really much, for Pop, Rock, Metal and EDM, they are really impressif, with deep bass, nice clear mid and sweet high.

    For me they are fun for enjoying modern music. A good and quality IEM, my prefered. But you have to like this kind of signature, I like pronounced drums and bass line with good guitare and voices [​IMG] For EDM they are monster with a good source !

  4. nazrin313
    My thoughts exactly hahhaha..
  5. Migou67
  6. callej
    Hey thanks for the info.. Just found out that I can return the SD-1 to Thomman for credit towards a set of the SD3s.. Very cool... 
  7. skalkman
    thomann in a nutshell.
  8. Music225
    Nooo , why don't you buy SD-3 to compare with SD-1 then return the other one ? =)
  9. callej
    Well the SD1s are awesome but I have too much stuff as it is plus I think in any case I would want to have more bass than the SD1 provides. If the mids and details are 80% of what the SD1 has in the SD3 I'd be happy.

    On another note is the SD3 easy to drive? The SD1 is ridiculously easy to drive sounds good on any device I have without amplification. 
  10. Migou67
    @callej For me yes, they are easy to drive on my Note 2, to much volume I have to reduce -14dB the output with Viper4Android.
  11. vrapan
    SD2 is very easy to drive for sure 3-4 clicks on my iPad mini retina and it is almost too loud.
  12. Migou67
    New Headfonia review of the SD2/3 : http://www.headfonia.com/inear-stagediver-german-sd2-sd3/
    If you want to stick to universals but you also want a more than good fit and you want to enjoy top quality sound, then you really have to demo the Inear StageDivers. After you’ve listened to them you will understand why they are getting so much praise world wide.
  13. rookie2009
    Can I ask between the sd2 and sd3,which of those would be best for hard rock and metal? would be using the ibasso dx50 as a source..
  14. tm.chen
    I would recommend SD3 with the additional bass. SD2 is an all rounder which I would like for pop.
  15. rookie2009

    Thank you for your thoughts bud.. I actually ordered the sd2 just this morning lol,Im not much of a basshead to be honest so that made me avoid the sd3..
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