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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. Anouk Contributor
    Hi, I am thinking of buying the sd3 from thomann because of their good multi-language support and return policy. Can i However also buy the accessories for the stagediver there like the replacement filters? I see them at the mp5audio.de site but not at thomann.
    Is it possible to use a different iphone/mic cable with these? The one i see on mp4audio is a bit steeply priced.
    What more accessories do you guys use?
    Greetings, Anouk,
  2. nazrin313
    Got the following for my sd3

    - replacement filters (from thomann)
    - HPL pure silver occ custom cable (headphone lounge)
    - ortofon tips (ebay)

    Dont think buddy... Get it now and you wont regret it, my go to iems for EDM
  3. skalkman
    Check here for the stuff from thomann, their search function can be a bit wonky at times.
    Regarding cables with in-line mics. I found two that should work here and here (both on ebay).
    And get some Ortofon tips. I got mine from Tips4tips, they have them in black or clear (also on ebay).
  4. Migou67
    Yes the filters are also available at Thomann :
    For the cable I'm also intersted in a mic cable replacement for my Android.
    Can someone confirm the type of connector used, is a standard non recessed socket ? Is the UE or Westone cables compatible ?
    This IEM are also great for Metal and Rock, listening Tool on the SD3 bring me up a large smile on my face :
    Edit : Thanks Skalkman !
  5. Music225
    Is the filter set a must buy ? I mean can I expect SD2's filter to last without buying that replacement set ?
  6. Migou67
    @Music Not for me, at the moment I don't see a reason to change the filters, I don't do exercises with the SD3 and I clean my ears every days.
  7. skalkman
    Not really. I use them on stage and during rehearsals as well and I sweet like a bastard when I'm up there, so for me it's a must. I swap them out once a month or so.
  8. MuZo2

    Not a good practice, 
    "Cerumen is a waxy substance that is supposed to be in the ear canal, where it serves lubricating and cleansing functions and also helps to protect the ear from bacteria, fungi, and insects. The cerumen is produced by glands in the cartilagenous portion of the ear canal and migrates out over time.
    Under ideal circumstances, the ear canals should never have to be cleaned. However, that isn’t always the case. The ears should be cleaned when enough earwax accumulates to cause symptoms or to prevent a needed assessment of the ear by your doctor. This condition is all cerumen impaction."
  9. nazrin313

    Deep bro... Very deep
  10. Music225
    Thanks all for your replies ! Should get a filter set as well , my ears are always managing to be moisture all the time , not to mention I sweat a lot or at least the area around my ears will be very oily when I go cycling or jogging . Buying it separately latter will only make it much more expensive , but then I'm hit by another choice , adding shipping fee and other service fee , not to mention another cable I will definitely have to buy because just by looking at pictures I already got pretty annoyed at how that green looks , combined all that , I reach the price that I can buy something else more expensive than or on par the SD2 in my country , JH5pro , UM Marvel , UM 3DD , UM3X , Heir 4i, 3i , SE 535 special edition or more risky , buying a 2ndhand custom then reshell . I could use the argument that , from what I have gathered , SD-2 is so much the IEM I want and need so far to stop this search , but the lack of review about those other IEMs that hold me pending on the indecision side , anyone have some thoughts on these would be of great help !
    Actually reading my last sentence , I kind of thinking , it's time to stop the search, I have found what I have been searching for , if only they gave the option to choose the black cable in the first place .
  11. Music225
    Turns out , my ears are working their asses to overly protect me and also save me from buying many IEMs ,lol :)) So would you suggest a person with almost always humid ears not use Custom IEM at all ? Or what that person should do instead of cleaning his ears every time he inserts and removes IEMs , for example using IEM with shallow insertion or limiting his IEM usage , or not clean his ears often until things get nasty.. eww
  12. skalkman
    I have been planning on doing a pretty substantial writeup on the SD-2:s for quite some time now. The only thing that's putting me of is the simple fact that the only "proper" IEM I've ever tried is the Westone 4R (which didn't fit me for **** and plainly didn't work for me). If you would like i could post an "unofficial" writeup here in this thread and just unloading everything that i have found/know about the SD-2:s.
  13. Music225
    That's would be great for a procrastinator as I am [​IMG] If I really like something I really want to know every ins an outs about it , so that I can be confident with my choice and have reasons to back up my decision and a little fan boy moment that the SD-2 is the best ever in its price considering all aspects , at least to me alone .
    Always looking forward to your reviews [​IMG]
  14. davidcotton

    Well with customs you have the additional costs of getting impressions which can vary greatly, then you have to ship them out to whoever you choose (in your case jh or unique melody who both have at least 4-6 week wait times atm if not more)then there's the possibilty of refits which means resending them back and waiting again.  With regards to Heir they have a slightly iffy situation atm where the original designer has "left" so there could be changes to the design that doesn't match with what's been posted on headf with the older models.  You may also notice now the distinct lack of Heir threads recently which should tell you something.
    If it's any consolation I'm no better making decisions like this.  Mind you since the announcement of the smaller size stagedivers I'm getting more interested again.  It's the buying blind that I don't like and in europe there's really no way of trying unless you buy.  Thomann at least allow you to return iems which is very unusual.
    I'm thinking of changing my age old signature incidentally.  Should be "I used to be indecisive, now I'm not so sure" :)
  15. davidcotton

    If it's any encouragement I'd be interested in the review as well. 
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