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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. nazrin313

    Bro, that hulk cable u got there is outta control lol. Mine is just starting to get green too lol. Too bad didnt have the option to get the monitors with the black cable instead of the stock silver
  2. Music225
    Guys ,I want to ask if I change the SD2's jack with something like these , does it affect the sound or quality at all  (I want straight plug) ?

    And looking at 2 pictures up there ,it quite upset me , the cable  will also turn green like that of Shure 535 :frowning2: ? Is there any way to prevent this  ?? This will be the huge put off for me to pull the trigger ..[​IMG] 

    Ah , more investigation confirms that all copper cable will eventually turn green , I knew this but I just hope that ppl already have some way to prevent this from occurring . And to be fair if the cable turn green all the way like in the last pic , it doesn't so terrible at all , in fact , it's kind of cool =)) LOL . Still , I dig the silver look much much much more , is there any how to prevent ?
  3. skalkman
    Upset? Let me chuckle. There is NO clear coated cable in existence that wont ever oxidize (deal with it [​IMG]). Stock cables are inherently ****, they are made to be cheap as nails and are not meant to be great looking. InEar does sell a black cable that won't show the effects of oxidization. There is NO WAY to fully prevent oxidization, you can mask it or you can use thicker and better sheathing to slow down the effect dramatically but it will still oxidize in due time.
    So to your question regarding swapping plugs. Of course you can swap the connector! Why shouldn't you be able to? There is no voodoo magic preventing any unworthy from tampering with it. No it does not affect the sound to any degree mentionable. 
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  4. Music225
    Well I'd like to better understand the matter so detailed explanation please , if you dont mind :D
    Thanks in advance !
  5. Music225
    Thanks for your reply , now I can feel safe replacing that ugly plug :)) . So , Inear SELLs another cable instead of giving me the choice to choose the black one in the first place ? That sucks, I will have to venture into these cable property to learn more about them , If I have to pay for it , I want to know more about other choices .
    And , all of the white cables in this will eventually go green ? :)) They cost a lot and still cant avoid discoloration , what the point then ?
    I noted that on thoman.de there are different version of SD2,3 for example SD3 , SD3-S ,SD3 B Stock in different price , while SD2 and SD2Bstock cost the same , any one can explain ?
    Also there is SD1 , has any one here tried it or heard any thing about it ?
  6. skalkman
    B-Stock is a sales term. 
    A-Stock is all of the new unused and unopened stuff.  
    B-Stock is everything that gets returned, has some sort of defect but is still good enough for resale.
    Yes, all of those cables will turn green with time. There's no stopping mother nature. When talking about custom cables you pay for the craftsmanship, better connectors, cable material (high purity silver or copper with some plating's). Those are meant to be cables not some shoe cord that gets tossed in a box to just work and nothing more.  
    The SD-XS series are supposed to be smaller in size compared to the regular SD-X series.
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  7. davidcotton
    What hasn't been commented on is that there is now a "s" size for those with smaller ears! 
  8. skalkman
    I kinda did. And it has been mentioned before.
  9. rookie2009
    Just wondering have any owners of the sd2 model ever heard the noble 4 as well? any comparison at all would be much appreciated..
  10. davidcotton

    Apologies, missed that.
  11. Music225
    And that's why I'd like to look for other cables to buy if I dont have the option to replace with the black one in the 1st place , are they looking for even more profit ? I'd rather have the choice of different colors and quality than going through the period the cable gradually turns , though that will require much more reading to find the good cable without changing the sound in a bad way . Do you have any suggestion for SD2 or what kind of cable should I looking for so as not to change its SQ or improve its bass without sacrifice quality of other spectrum ? (I'm newbie on this, my request might sound absurd , but just say what you want and have time to)
    Do you recommend SD2 for a bright-ish DAP like ZX1 or has others better choice in mind (same or under price range of SD2)
    Are the Inear filter sets mandatory to buy ? I mean can the stock filter last , SD2 already punches through my initial budget , I'm not willing to spend any extra more
    And how can you tell the size of your ear , does height affect this aspect , says if I have ears look relatively slightly big compared to my head , but I am a short Asian guy (about 1,65m) , does that means my ears are actually on the small range
    Sorry for asking so many questions , just take your time and reply when you feel like to

    I see thoman.de has got lots of negative reviews on this site so I think I should mention
  12. nazrin313

    Dont worry about fit, im asian too and it fits beautifully, also fits the wife's smaller ears

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  13. Music225
    Well , this seems exactly what I have been looking for so far ! Is yours X or S model as mentioned by skalkman here ?
  14. nazrin313

    Mine is the SD-3
  15. vrapan

    I am not really well versed on how cables affect sound quality but I bought a replacement cable a few weeks back from the custom art and it has yet to show any signs of turning colour even though it goes to the gym with me and spent a week in the Lake District and has been worn daily. The original (though not as green as skalkman's) was showing signs of green from the second week. I couldn't say if the new cable sounds better but it does not sound worse. Many skalkman included have suggested that a silver cable improves the sound and it is on my wish list but for the time being I am enjoying my SD2 too much to worry making them better.

    Fit is fine I am only 1.64 they fit perfectly. They are not the new S model either they are the normal SD2.
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