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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. skalkman
    I'll get to it after my X5 review is published. And since i still haven't got a X5 that would delay it another 1½ months. 
  2. Music225
    Glad to know when to expect :D
  3. rookie2009
    I received these little beauties in the post yesterday evening.. thought i would share a pic,initial impressions are very positive using it with my dx50 (waiting for dx90 to arrive still)... I was very apprehensive about buying these,mainly due to the fit but i have to say these are possibly the best fitting universal iem which i have had to date and provide great isolation. Ive listened to these for a couple of hours,not a hint of sibulance or harshness.. gonna give them some more time to burn in :) Ive had a set of T10 and Noble 4 but this is my new fav iem (for now [​IMG] )
    davidcotton likes this.
  4. davidcotton
    Those the ortofon tips?
  5. rookie2009
    yep..much better than the stock tips..people have already alluded to the ortofon tips on this thread in the past..and right they were..
  6. Music225
    Gonna be costly if shipping them **** to my country , do you guys have any other good recommendation ?
    @rookie2009 if you are to post more impressions , please add some pics along , I never get enough of those precious
    Also , careful with reflection on that pic next time , it gave a brown tint to them precious

    btw , typo way up there ^
  7. rookie2009

    I don't think I proclaimed to be much of a photographer lol..but errr thanks for the tips..
  8. Music225
    lol I don't even have a camera . I just noticed that brown tint gave a false impression of our black gem , thought I should remind you of that
  9. emusic13
    Anyone know where I could audition a pair of SD-2 in the US?
  10. modulor
    The only retailer I know is ALO, so you may want to contact them and see if they do some sort of demo program (unless you live in or near Portland where they are located).  I too want to audition the SD-2 hehe
  11. Music225
    You might try to contact with http://www.otojoyiem.com/ , I heard they sell some demos SD-2 SD3 with reduced price , so they may let you audition
  12. Gitbags
    Rookie, How do you find your SD2's with metal and rock? I've not long purchased the SD3's (also using a dx50) but find if I don't eq them to reduce the low end by about 3db in rockbox, they swamp most of my music with bass. I'm in two minds about returning them for the sd2's.
    And to those using the ortofon tips with the sd3's what effect have they had the sound for you? Do the help prevent the bass bleeding into the midrange?
  13. Music225
    Also want to know how ortofon tips affect SD2 sound ?
    btw , Rookie how do you think SD2 fair with Noble 4 ?
  14. rookie2009
    Hi Gitbags,
    I have had limited listening with the sd2's and my dx50 as I have just sold the dx50 in the last couple of days so had to delete all my music from it and i still await ems to deliver my dx90.. The amount of bass in the sd3 was the main reason why i choose the sd2 as my purchase.. The sd2 to me are very clear and with good separation,from the few bits of hard rock i have listened to the vocals are the most forward to my ear followed by the bass and then guitars are slightly masked by these two.. I would appreciate more extension in the highs personally from the sd2,this was an area where the noble 4 outdone the sd2 in my opinion.. However the quality of the bass on the sd2 is great,well controlled and tight.. They are fine with rock and metal but i would rather they were a bit more lively and had some more sparkle in the top end... On the flip side,i was listening to some classical music on them and it sounded spectacular..
    I will try to report back with more thoughts once i get more extended listening when the dx90 arrives..I hope rockbox is available for it soon like the dx50,i had rockbox on the dx50 and its a great improvement on the device..
  15. reiserFS
    Can someone comment if the SD-2/SD-3 are not hissing on the E12 from Fiio?
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