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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. music_4321
    I won't comment on your "condescending" remark because I think, at this stage, it's quite frankly pointless, and I don't want to waste time dissecting all those posts—which would also derail this thread—some containing what might well be considered insults though, interestingly, several of those comments have been simply ignored by others.
    I will share something, though. Even though I was quite critical of some of Ultrazino's posts in a different thread (Shure SE846), he PM'd me to discuss some of the issues being mentioned in that thread. A few days later, he PM'd me to talk about some of my recent posts in this thread. Contrary to what you and some others might think, those PM exchanges ended up being rather friendly (which included a couple of smileys even [from Ultrazino himself]), or, if not really friendly in the strictest sense of the word, certainly never rude or disrespectful.

    I note two people have given your post a thumbs up, two people who are clearly not very fond of music_4321 — one of them having already called me a pedant in this thread, and the other, well, the other hasn't been very fond of our charming sparrow for a looong time.

    That said, I still look forward to hearing the SD-2 at some point.
    Mcberto likes this.
  2. Mimouille

    Then I will contact you in PM and I am sure we can discuss this in a civilized manner without derailing the thread.
  3. vwinter
    I never noticed that it told you who gave a post a thumbs up. Is that new?
  4. music_4321
    It's been around for quite sometime, but many people often don't notice (in the past we had a thumbs up and also a thumbs down option, btw)
  5. vwinter
    That sounds like more fun.
    Now I won't be able to stop myself from checking that spot on every post.
    UnityIsPower likes this.
  6. Gilly87
    Has anyone given the SD-3 a listen with metal (System of a Down, Tool/APC/Puscifer, Iron Maiden, etc)? I'm curious about their ability to really keep up with faster paced tracks.
  7. Mimouille
    Nope not with metal, but dealt fine with other fast music. But you gotta like your bass...
  8. Jazzyfi
    Canceled my SD3 order.. Changing it SD2 instead.
  9. Gilly87
    I happen to agree with music on the cables, but you're right that there's no reason for hostility and that the way music phrases things does tend to be rather provocative.

    I do like my bass, but I like it low and tight. Extension>quantity, though I appreciate a touch of warmth.

  10. Ultrazino
    I am still torn between both StageDivers. I prefer the SD-2 but it's always useful to have a bassy IEM close by, especially if it performs so well. At very low volumes (my preferred volume when I lay in bed), bass boost isn't an issue. Alternatively, I hook up my FiiO E17 and turn bass to -8. On-the-go, I appreciate the default tuning.
    I just feel a bit uncomfortable that my supposedly favorite IEM is not the technically best in my collection, lol. I might have to get a fairly neutral high-end custom on top.
    Anyway, I have to keep the SD-2 because my girlfriend loves them.
  11. Jazzyfi
    For now I prefer the SD-2. I appreciate neutral tuning more than anything else. I think bass extension is more important than boosted quantity. 
    I have my SE5 and Miracle (though it is a bit V shaped compared to SE5) for tuning reference [​IMG]. I will probably use the SD2 on stage as well if the tuning is good.
  12. akhyar
    Hi guys,
    Just how good/bad the bass in SD3, as compared to those mid-tier UIEM like UE900, W4R, Se535?
    Yesterday I've auditioned the Aurisonics ASG-2 and I found that with the bass port close, the mid-bass bloom is a bit too much.
    I prefer an IEM with solid sub-bass punch, more quality vs quantity.
    I just received an email from Marko at inear.de that the price for SD3 is US$510 + US$85 shipping fee to Singapore, with 2 weeks delivery time 
    Thomann.de quoted me approx US$560 including shipping but they only expect stock to arrive by end of June.
    Considering that I cannot demo this IEM, I have to rely on what I read here to have a general idea on how the sounds like. 
  13. music_4321
    I've never met Mr Ultrazino's girlfriend, but I think I'd like her more than her boyfriend (SD3 vs SD2).

    On a side note, I've finally managed to figure out why music_4321 has been right all along regarding the clear-cable-greening issue — looking at Ultrazino's avatar, I've just realised he's been wearing sunglasses all along!!
  14. Ultrazino
    I think you're getting a bit too cocky right about now. On the pictures I sent you, the differences in tone are so small, that you have to use the contrast function to easily tell them apart. And even if I do so, the SD-3 cable turns orange/magenta. It still has a warm touch and not both cables are greening. So your statement was not fully correct.
    IMG_4042.jpg   IMG_4044.jpg   IMG_4046.jpg
    I know, I know. Your point is that they will turn green eventually, which is correct.
    P.S.: My girlfriend likes me more than you. And my sunglasses. [​IMG]
  15. music_4321
    Not being cocky at all, just using a bit of humour now — a grumpy old sparrow's humour, that is.
    PS I should hope so! (your gf liking you more than me [guess I'll now be forced to use a smiley just in case...] ---->  :wink:   )
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