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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. Gilly87
    *shrug* I'd rather have black cables too, fwiw.
  2. lee730

    I'd prefer to have silver as I think it looks nicer. But keeping in mind the oxidation I'd just keep black as well :).
  3. vwinter

    I don't think anyone is really trying to find a weak spot with these in regard to the cable. They just happened upon a situation where they could complain about these kinds of cables in general. Then people got defensive. Then people got offensive. I contributed nothing on topic as usual. It's stuff that's not really worth making a separate thread about. At least that's how I see it.

    I'll try to do something useful:

    How is the coherency on the SD3?
    I never really noticed or thought coherency issues were a big deal until I heard the FAD Heaven V. Then I listened to the XBA-4 and whoa. Then the BA200 and while it was much less, it was still noticeable.
  4. Mimouille
    It is normal to get defensive when people attack you for no other reason that they just get their kick out of it.

    Anyways....the StageDiver 3 sound coherent to me, a very together and natural sound.
  5. Ultrazino
    Maybe you call it defensive, but I am not arguing that the cables will turn green - I don't know. But I have two silver cables that are 100% alike and don't have any green color at all! I don't know why it should make you happy, but I can retake pictures without green objects (which I included to show that I didn't edit the pics and desaturate green color).

    If it really makes you happy, then I will stop taking pictures in Adobe color space so there's no information lost when saving to JPG with RGB.
    I just don't get it why people know better than me when I am holding the cables in my hand and say that they look 100% similar.

    I am not careful with criticism, most know that. But this discussion isn't helping anybody and it is a waste of time.
    I will let you know when my cables turn green. Not sooner!

  6. ericr


    A W4 <--> SD3 comparo would be nice too.
  7. music_4321
    You clearly missed the point. Might be a good idea for you to go back and read every post and see how it all started, and look carefully into how things developed after that. I started by simply suggesting a black cable should be the stock cable—based on facts and experience—which has nothing to do with winning arguments, "wanting to have the last word", "attacking [someone] to get a kick out of it", or any "tiresome dance".
    Wrong, many people, in fact, are unaware of these aspects of IEM cables. And precisely because of that several people have bought clear cables in the past (because they do look very nice) only to be soon disappointed by the (quick) effects of oxidization.
    UnityIsPower likes this.
  8. Ultrazino
    It's not much, but I wrote something here.
  9. MusicalChillies
    Since my order we haven`t spoken which was only a week(ish) ago. I emailed yesterday for an update.
    I agree not bad and would like to think it would be like a 24 hour EMS service. Still pretty steep though considering you are paying the best part of £400 (with filters).
  10. Mimouille
    Ok back to things that are of interest. Listening to the
    Sd3 more and more and really enjoying them. They have great realism to my ears. The sound has a certain 3d aspect to it, a certain thickness, but without getting too bloated. The bass is a bit too much to my tastes but the quality of the bass makes up for it.
  11. Mimouille
    I went back and looked carefully into how things developped, and it was your condescending tone that triggered the whole thing, the same tone you are using in this post. Thank you for precious advice.
    lee730 and Deviltooth like this.
  12. tm.chen
    I probably asked this before.
    Any comparison between TG334 and the SD3?
  13. spkrs01
    I am liking the sound of these IEMs more and more with each post..............
    Please keep us updated with thoughts, much appreciated[​IMG]
  14. Mimouille
    They are indeed nice. I would not say they surpass the 334 at one third of the price. They have a similar signature but with more control in the bass (not as tight as Miracles or 1plus2 though). I like the soundstage and fullness of sound. To me, they sound like more than their price. They do not excell in the highs but remain good. Maybe the sd4 will remedy that :)
  15. akhyar
    Thanks for the impression so far guys, Ultrazino and Mimouille.
    Is the high a bit roll-of like Shure house-sound? Or still clear like W4R or UE900?
    I've dropped an email to inear.de last week but they still haven't get back to me.
    I'm considering the SD3 or ASG-2 to pair with AK100 + JDS C5.
    But over here in Singapore, the ASG-2 in Stealth finish is about US$100 less than the Senn IE800 or UM Miracles.
    At least the price quoted for SD3 including shipping in Thomann.de is still palatable, and from what I read so far, the isolation is top notch.
    I've tried Senn IE800 and not happy with the isolation.
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