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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. tm.chen
    Please share your comparison between W4, TG334 and SD3. Thanks!!
  2. MusicalChillies
    Just had confirmation my SD3`s will be ready on Wednesday, exciting.....
    Edit: This is my last purchase for a while due to moving house. It is also my most expensive so whatever the outcome I will have to live with it/them until fingers crossed later in the year.
    I am praying for a Westone smooth like signature with a forwardness of vocals like the H200 (not V shaped). See I don`t want much....
    EDIT: Shipped today! 1 day ahead of schedule :)
  3. MusicalChillies
    They have arrived,  look stunning. More to follow after work.
  4. davidcotton
    Nice. Was it the same price as thomann? How long did you have to wait ordering direct? Cheers
  5. tm.chen
    Congrats. Now to wait for your impression.
  6. MusicalChillies
    Thanks, believe me they will, once I stop looking at them and finally listen.......jk :wink:
    Without going into exact finances David, I will say Thomann with postage included is a very good deal. 1 thing to note, these are at least 1.5X larger than than the W4 and larger than a UM2. I have big internal space in my ear and I certainly wouldn`t want any bigger.
    Anyway enough of chat, I have some playing to be done :wink: Only sentence at the minute is if the W4 had an uncle, the even smoother operator kind which kicks your behind.
  7. davidcotton
    Hmm might be too big for me as a westone 3 is just about the right sort of size!  Enjoy.
  8. MusicalChillies
    Difficult one David, never had the W3 but the UM2 is bigger than the W4. You should be fine, in fact just make them fit lol I am not going to give impressions until the weekend but, worth the money? If you think the W4 is worth the money then a definitive yes.
    Scrapped the silicone tips and have my Tsx400 tips on. 
    An image to give an idea of size, fills my ear.
    davidcotton and Ultrazino like this.
  9. MusicalChillies
    I will be posting my impressions some point over this hectic weekend. Found a tip that really hits the spot and only cost 79p from China.
    A little pic for now. 20130614_211759.jpg
    Phone pic of phones.
    davidcotton likes this.
  10. davidcotton
    Looking forward to it. 
  11. MusicalChillies
    Hope to have the review up tomorrow David (A third through at the minute). It will be pretty long, it`s also my first proper review. I could just use a sentence but that`s hardly a review is it?
  12. vrln
    Ouch... These seem back in stock at Thomann. Must. Fight. Temptation.
    Sinth: How does the StageDiver compare to your Westone 4?
  13. MusicalChillies
    My review is coming up shortly mate.
    Chalk and cheese?
  14. vrln
    Good point... I´ll wait for the full review :)
    EDIT: Oh and I´ll put a link to your review thread on the OP here too of course!
    EDIT #2: Link added! 
  15. ronaldo7messi10
    Is the SD3 good for hiphop/rap type music?
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