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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. MusicalChillies
    The reason for my SD3 purchase rather than the cheaper SD2 was for that reason (bass). I am still not sure what extent makes someone a bass-head. I do like punch and also without it you do not have a believable sound.
    Maybe I am a bass-head, who knows. There are so many "audio terms" thrown around here you don`t really know your sub-bass from your elbow.
    Tom Yum Goong likes this.
  2. Jazzyfi
    Well 8 times is a good theory to be save. In reality 4-5 times might be just enough. Koss porta pro is only 60ohm and Charles actually love to use it with the Teramega output which is 20ohm.

  3. aras
    So SD3 is v-shaped?
  4. LionPlushie
    What is the TP you guys mentioned? Tri-port?
  5. akhyar
    The uber- expensive Terra Player?
    To mimouille;
    The US$490 for the SD3, including or excluding shipping to China? Thanks
  6. LionPlushie
    You bought the SD3 from which online store?
    How much for shipping?
  7. Mimouille
    I bought them 490 $ plus 70$ shipping to the US (I am there for a month). They will mark as low value if you ask so I paid no tax.
    They are bassy but in a pleasant way, not so v shaped as mids are not recessed.
    I confirm they do not pair with the Tera Player, massive bass cut, just like the Miracles and 5.0.
    They have the best fit I have seen in a universal. Ever.
  8. Mimouille
    The accessories are: small, medium and large tips, a fancy wax filter changer, some wipes, a Pelican 1010 case and a fancy 6.35 jack adapter. Here are some pics :



  9. lee730
    Pretty neat Mimou. So how do you like them? Sound descriptions? For some strange reason they kinda remind me of the 334....
  10. LionPlushie
    Mind if i ask you which online store you bought from?

    The one i approached said that they unable to underdeclare any parcel..
    EDIT: nevermind. i found out. lol.
  11. Mimouille
    Of course they look like the 334. They are less extreme though...less thickness, less bloated bass, less "big" mids. Will be less impressive to some but more controlled from memory...I like them quite a bit so far. Ultra comfortable, fun sound that is not "too fun". Overall I would say quite bassy but no significant bleeding into the mids. Good detail, though not as crisp or detailed as the 1plus2 and less clarity too. Smoother mids, deep soundstage with 3d sound, but not too wide.
    All in all great enjoyement and great value so far.
  12. lee730

    How would you say they compare to the 5.0s?
  13. Mimouille
    Sd3 have better fit, more bass but slightly less controlled bass, much more 3D sound, soundstage and realism kills the 5.0, but slightly less detail
  14. lee730
    Pretty cool. So they have a more natural sound then?
  15. Mimouille
    Hum...a bigger sound and more bass...gotta like bass. And slightly more...real. more fleshed out.
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