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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. Mimouille
    I will be receiving my SD3 this week. But I do not know why people always want to compare ALL iems. Some are just not comparable.
  2. Sopp
    Where did you get them?
    I am waiting for your impression and then decide which StageDiver to grab.
  3. Oof Oink

    If I may, they're probably most concerned with perspective, and whether or not the product in question is worth x amount over one(s) they currently own. Just as one example, as often as arbitrary numbers get tosses around (x is such and such % better than y), it still provides prospective buyers some perspective, which may or may not ultimately push them over the fence.
  4. vwinter

    Would the all important women attracting category be included under Design/Aesthetics?
  5. Gilly87
    Yeah SD2 and 4.Ai would be a good comparison.
  6. tm.chen
    SD3 and TG334 for me
  7. Ultrazino
    SD-3 vs SE846 will be very interesting!
    I can easily tell that when SE215 goes to church, he seeks answers from SD-3.

    Aesthetics will be a close one. :)
  8. MusicalChillies
    Look lovely. Can`t believe I have got to the point where a weird shape of resin makes me happy but.... oh and a cable....
    At least I can get away with watching audio porn....
  9. Jazzyfi
    Bought the last stock from thomann. And now we wait :D.
  10. vrln
    Is the tuning similar? I´m a huge fan of the SE215´s tonality. It´s just that technically it can´t hold up with higher end gear, but the boosted bass works well with the Shure style boosted mids and somewhat rolled off highs.
    At this point it seems very likely that I´ll buy a StageDiver... Which one though, that I don´t know yet!
  11. Gilly87
    Yeah if it's a big-boy SE215 then it will probably be my next on. I love the SE215's tonality as well, my favorite to date. Just wish it had better treble presence; otherwise it's perfect. The original reason I chose the UM3X is because it has a slightly similar tonality to the SE215.
  12. Mimouille
    They arrived at my office. Got them straight from Marco at inear. Will be able to listen to them tomorrow as I am on a business trip. If they sound like 334 with tighter bass...I am sold :)
  13. vrln
    Please compare them to the IE800 (from memory is ok) when you have some extra time. Very interested in your findings!
  14. music_4321
    Hmm... I doubt it — the K3003 sounds awful, but I do think it looks ever so slightly nicer than the SD-2 / SD-3
  15. Deviltooth
    Not to me.  I much prefer the organic custom style look; to my mind it suggests greater comfort.  Also, every time I look at the AKG I think: "$1000+ and the cord isn't detachable.... really?"
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