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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. FlySweep
  2. wormsdriver
  3. davidcotton

    The way I look at it is the prices atm are probably "introductory" or "special" and were due to go up in the near future as it was.  However with the language barrier difficulties it probably came out more badly then it needed to (don't forget most of the info is on a german based hifi site as it is!).
    (Yeah I know, grasping at straws to put it in a better light but there we go!).
    Westone are another example of being more expensive in europe then us.  Westone 4r = $499 currently on earphone solutions.  That's £328.00   Cheapest price in the uk atm is £359 (funnily enough out of stock atm!) with the most common (amazon) price being a massive £389 ($590!).
  4. vrln
    It´s not easy for a small company to launch a product worldwide at once. Going for a main market happens all the time, it´s just that this time US folk are at the receiving end for a change :p And yes, the prices are introductory and will go up in the summer. An InEar employee posted this at the German hifi-forum.de. They have always done intro prices for their products and the StageDiver series is no different. This isn´t a case of "hey our products are so good we can ask for more".
    davidcotton likes this.
  5. Jazzyfi
    New Europe *** is pretty good :D.


  6. music_4321
    It's 'the final countdown' for SD2 & SD3 current prices: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jK-NcRmVcw (yikes!)
  7. Tangster
    Does anyone actually know when the prices are going up?
  8. davidcotton
    No idea, but I imagine that if you are seriously interested then it would be a good idea to place an order with thomann sooner rather than later!
  9. Ultrazino
    Like the company said, it will be announced beforehand. I am sure many people get the chance to try a demo pair or read some reviews first.
  10. davidcotton
    From the other forum (hififorum.de) and posted by inear themselves :-
    "Hi there,

    the introduction of prices, I can confirm.
    We start with introductory prices for all products.
    We have also done this with the time series LivePRO.

    Our new LivePRO 3 is priced lifted along with the Stage Diver series in the summer something.
    Future prices are not fixed yet, however.

    However, I will give you early reply and mention the date when the new prices will be introduced so that no interested party is offended. "
    Hope that clears a few things up :)
  11. Gilly87
    Thats pretty cool of them. Ill be picking up the SD3 if I can make a few sales.
  12. Gilly87
    Just hope this doesnt become another costly mistake like the SM3...shipping to Europe suxx x_x
  13. Ultrazino
    InEar Kommunikationstechnik just posted this on Facebook:
    Starting June there will be an official distributor in USA.
  14. Deviltooth

    Interest level is climbing.....
  15. Ivabign

    That is interesting - huge market. I just hope the price is right.
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