New Cavalli Audio Liquid Glass Amplifier - Fall Release

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  1. Saillaw
    Since Cavalli have announced another -- albeit final -- run, I'm very seriously considering getting a Liquid Glass. 
    I feel I have the solid-state world covered with my stereo system (Bel Canto) and speakers (made by me), so in my headphone world I want to experiment with tubes and this seems like the perfect match. 
    Any one have any warnings as to why I should steer away from the Liquid Glass?
  2. reddog
    The Liquid Glass is a fantastic amp, the only warning I can give, is its easy to go on a quest to find that perfect pair of tubes, to make your cans sing like a muse.:).
  3. Saillaw
    That quest is part of what has me so interested in it :)
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  4. rigo
    Any additional feedback from those using Glass as a preamp? I have some efficient speakers (Zu Omen bookshelf 97db) that would be in the same room if I were to get a Glass. No power amp purchased yet though.
  5. punit
    This actually got me thinking as to why I have never tried it as a pre-amp in my system (PSB Synchrony 1 speakers powered by Audio GD Master 9 pre amp + Master 2 mono blocks). So I am running it as a Pre amp since directly in to my mono blocks for last couple of days (running Mullard CV 181  brown base). It is quite good as a pre amp. Resolution is the same but quality of mids have improved  + sound satge width & depth has increased slightly. Bass also seems to carry more weight but I think this may be a result of more prominent mids / mid bass. So Yes, This also gets my recommendation as a top class preamp. BTW as my mono blocks have only balanced input I have connected them through Jensen Transformers PI-2RX ISO-MAX RCA to  XLR  converter.
  6. rigo
    How is the Glass preamp compared to the Master 9?
  7. punit
    Copy paste from my post above
    Please note that the above is with Mullard CV181 , which I consider one of the best 6sn7 type's, results may vary with other tubes. I love tube sound, so I slightly prefer the Glass over the M9 for vocal based music but this is a personal preference. The M9 wins in convenience though as it has a remote, which I consider very important for me for my speaker listening.
  8. rigo
    Thanks. I totally misread your previous post.
  9. Andykong
    If I were to put Liquid Glass into a HiFI rack, what is the shelf height that i need to spare for the headphone amplifier? I believe the Liquid Glass measurement is 38cm x 25cm x 7.6cm (H), and the height is the number that I am concerned with.

    Will there be a lot of tube that will extended beyond the 7.6cm limit? Will 12cm be sufficient? I understand I need to take the amp. out when I need to replace the longer tubes but I want to make sure I can accommodate the choices when needed.
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  10. punit
    I would recommend to have atleast 6 cms clearing on top for circulation otherwise amp will get hot
  11. Andykong

    Got you, that would require 13.5 cma shelf space :beerchug:
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  12. Jozurr
    Proud new owner :)
    One of the questions that I haven't been able to find a definitive answer to is:
    There are many kinds of tubes the LG can roll. I've been mainly looking at the 6SN7 type tubes. What I was wondering is, are there other types of tubes which sound better (value for money) and are cheaper? I'm looking for tight bass slam, slightly smoother highs and a wide soundstage. Currently using Red Base RCA 5692.
  13. vc1187

    Consider using 12sn7 instead since the LG can use those. Much cheaper due to less demand and only difference is voltage. Learned this from my Glenn OTL days. The TS BGRP 12SN7 equivalent is a great tube
  14. Jozurr
    What exactly do I search for to find these? Tung-Sol 12SN7 only yields the clear tubes and not the black glass ones
  15. vc1187
    Maybe they're not as readily available anymore.  A search for Tung Sol 12SN7 Black Glass should've yielded some results. 
    Perhaps you could also try looking for the GEC/Osram B36 tubes (12.6 V equivalent of the super expensive and well regarded B65).
    Btw, congrats on your LG!  Looks like you've had a taste of the Carbon and moved up to the Glass.  How does the Glass compare to the Carbon.  How well does it drive the HE-6 and your other cans?
    I recently sprung on a LAu at a great price, and I'm blown away by how great it sounds.  It's the first taste of Cavalli for me and has left a very positive impression.
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