1. warrenpchi

    ☯️ Cavalli Audio presents The Source AV’s Summer Series 2016

    Summertime in SoCal - for as long as I can remember - has always been filled with fun, celebration and music!   For us Head-Fiers, where there is music, there is personal audio gear.  In fact, for years on end, our SoCal Head-Fi Meets - not to mention our regional audio show (T.H.E. Show...
  2. runeight

    New!! Cavalli Audio Liquid Crimson Amp

    We are very happy to announce the introduction of the new Liquid Crimson amp. This amp is the successor to the popular Liquid Fire amp. It's the product of several design prototypes and sports a small package and a thin design. The amp has that Liquid Cavalli house sound. It's dynamic, clear...
  3. T Bone

    Ray Samuels Dark Star vs Cavalli Liquid Gold

    Let's say that I have $4k just burning a hole in my pocket and that I'm considering upgrading to an "end game" amplifier.     Two solid contestants for the title of "Holy Grail of headphone amps" are Ray Samuel's Dark Star and Cavalli's Liquid Gold.  Outside of price, I don't think I've ever...
  4. warrenpchi

    ☯️ CAVALLI AUDIO ➜ Liquid Carbon Final Production Run!

      Hi everybody!   Nearly one year ago, our Liquid Carbon was officially launched here on Head-Fi.  We created it as a “thank you” to the community, offered it at an outrageously discounted price, and then watched as our server crashed from the rush of orders (that was a bit embarrassing).  ...
  5. warrenpchi

    ☯️ CAVALLI AUDIO ➜ The Liquid Carbon Upgrade Guide & Impressions Tour

      The Liquid Carbon Upgrade Guide & Impressions Tour     As many of you know, Cavalli Audio has recently announced that all Liquid Carbon owners are eligible for an exclusive discount on any one of our premium amps.  At the same time, we are now collecting orders for one final production run...
  6. warrenpchi

    ☯️ CAVALLI AUDIO ➜ The New is now open!

      Hi everybody!     As some of you may have seen - thanks to @reddog  - there is an all-new up and running today.  For some time now, Alex and I have felt that a web site update has been too long overdue.  And so, for the past week or so, we've been busy working on a new site...
  7. warrenpchi

    ☯️ CAVALLI AUDIO ➜ Liquid Carbon Loyalty/Upgrade Discount

      A few days ago, when we announced our Liquid Carbon Lifetime Warranty, we alluded to yet another surprise, exclusively available to Carbon owners.  I’ll get to that surprise in a minute.  But first, a bit of history…   As Alex and I fleshed out the concept of the Liquid Carbon in late 2014...
  8. warrenpchi

    ☯️ Cavalli Audio's Liquid Carbon... a $599 Cavalli amp???

    Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon     NOTE:  ALL CAVALLI LIQUID CARBON UNITS HAVE NOW BEEN SOLD!   Introduction & History   Confession time everyone, I've known about the Liquid Carbon for some time now, having been one of the lucky few to have previewed it months ahead of its announcement...
  9. Icenine2

    Cavalli Liquid Gold

    Liquid Gold on the way!  Wow this looks beautiful.  The sound must be Golden...........          
  10. warrenpchi

    ☯️ Team Cavalli Gear is available now!

      Now that you’ve got all of your larger Holiday purchases out of the way, you can treat yourself to a little indulgence with some Team Cavalli gear!   Ever since we started wearing our updated Cavalli Audio shirts at CanJam SoCal 2016 earlier this year, we’ve received many requests as to...
  11. dBel84

    Bijou All Tube Futterman Headphone Amplifier

    I know there are a ton of DIY amps already on offer but thought some of you may be interested in this one too. runeight has released his Bijou and many of us have already seen vixr's fine workmanship 1. 2. in the 'post pics of your build' thread. The official Bijou support thread and group...
  12. warrenpchi

    ☯️ CAVALLI AUDIO ➜ Liquid Carbon Lifetime Warranty

    On the day that the Liquid Carbon was first conceived as a product, a wide variety of possible features were discussed.  Some of these features made it into the final Liquid Carbon design, others didn’t.   One of these possible features was a lifetime warranty.  However, since we had very...
  13. jude

    Cavalli Audio Liquid Gold with Abyss AB-1266 - Head-Fi TV

    NOTE:  If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video.     In this episode, we take a look at the Cavalli Audio Liquid Gold headphone amplifier and a headphone that works extremely well with it: the Abyss Headphones AB-1266. We also talk about other planar...
  14. WEST91436

    MADE IN THE USA - Any advise

    Don't know if its the upcoming election and all the talk about the ailing US economy, but I am going to buy US product (as best as I can)...... SO...... any suggestion on top end MADE IN USA headphones/earbuds manufacturers that make the product here in the USA??   Any best kept secret...
  15. runeight

    Cavalli Audio - Liquid Lightning

    Gents, I'm starting this thread to have a fresh start with Liquid Lightning comments, quick reviews and impressions from owners, and feedback.   Also, feel free to ask questions about the LL and I'll answer if I can.
  16. runeight

    Cavalli Audio - Liquid Fire

    Folks, I'm creating this LF thread to discuss the current LF and possible future incarnations of it.   Many of you have written privately saying how highly you regard the LF. Some of you have decided that it's the best headphone amp around and have stopped looking for another amp. Some of...
  17. runeight

    Cavalli Audio - New Headfi Sponsor

    Folks, I am very pleased to be a new headfi sponsor as of June 1. There is a lot to talk about, but before I say anything further...   I want to thank each and every person who has bought a Liquid Fire and, now, a Liquid Lightning amp. I am grateful for your support and, especially for your...
  18. jude

    Product Sneak Peaks, CanJam @ Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) - Head-Fi TV, Episode 013

    NOTE:  If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video.     There are many new products being introduced and launched at CanJam @ Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) on October 14, 15 and 16, 2011. In this episode of Head-Fi TV, we take a sneak peak of some of...
  19. Soned

    Help! I'm frozen between the Red Wine Isabellina HPA, and the Cavalli Liquid Fire

    With the upgrade to the Isabellina Pro  high-resolution playback (24/192k) the prices are very similar, and I seem to be buying mostly audiophile cd's these days,so that's an upgrade I would want.Frankly I would prefer a SS amp,so if you can suggest a solid state amp that is comparable (or...
  20. swbf2cheater

    ** Confessions of a Failing Audiophile ** - I hated the LCD2

        Over the past 15 years I have struggled to satisfy my audio needs without much success.  It seems like every time I read a thread title with more than 1 exclamation point, I get as excited as a ravenous wolf whom just witness the sudden spontaneous combustion of some woodland creature...
  21. dBel84

    Cavalli Audio Liquid Fire is finally here

    As one who has been listening to this amp for nearly a year, it is with no small amount of celebration that I post here to let you all know that Alex Cavalli has finally released his first production amp. There were times that I thought the entire endeavor would collapse into itself and that the...
  22. windowphone7

    where can i do a pre-order for the Cavalli Liquid Fire or Liquid Gold

    Hi   can anyone tell me where i can do the pre-order for the Cavalli Liquid Fire or Liquid Gold? i visit Mr Alex's website but can't even see those two products on the list and don't see the way to contact him   thank you
  23. runeight

    New Cavalli Audio Liquid Glass Amplifier - Fall Release

    Folks, the new Liquid Glass amplifier will be available for delivery at the end of October.   The Liquid Glass is a hybrid amp at the opposite end of the tube-rolling spectrum from the Liquid Fire. The LF does not facilitate tube rolling (although owners still do it. :) ). The LG, OTOH, is...