New!! Cavalli Audio Liquid Crimson Amp

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  1. runeight
    We are very happy to announce the introduction of the new Liquid Crimson amp. This amp is the successor to the popular Liquid Fire amp. It's the product of several design prototypes and sports a small package and a thin design. The amp has that Liquid Cavalli house sound. It's dynamic, clear, and musical. The amp design is a single tube hybrid, an evolution of the Liquid Cobalt prototype.
    The amp is SE, like the LF. It has two inputs, one with a loop out. There are three outputs, two TRS (low and normal output) and one 4 pin XLR and two gain settings.
    Go here for more info on FB:
    And scroll down a bit. More info will be posted on Thu, including an early bird special and how to sign up.
    We are bringing two Liquid Crimsons to RMAF. One will be at the CA table and the other at Mr. Speakers table. :)
    If you are at RMAF, please stop and have a listen
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  2. Nhubley
    I love Cavalli's names. 
  3. SoundFreaq
    The new Liquid Crimson by Cavalli Audio. 

    More info on Facebook. And full specs + details to be announced later today. 


    Alex let me have the opportunity to audition this one, and I think it's pretty fantastic. It has that great Cavalli House sound, detailed yet absorbing. This one has that special ability to be musical to my ears without the expense of detail, or added coloration in any way. It's just pure music. 

  4. SoundFreaq

    The Liquid Crimson - Here are some tech specs for you!

    The amp will be on display at CanJam 2014. There will be two available for demo. One at MrSpeakers' stop, and one at the Cavalli Audio display, along with the rest of the fleet - so be sure to stop by! After the insane schedule of CanJam, we will be able to offer more details, so stay tuned for more coming soon.

    The Liquid Crimson

    Tech Specs

    o A single-ended, embedded-hybrid headphone amplifier with the ability to roll the tube to perfect your listening preference.
    o The embedded-hybrid circuitry means that even with the tube, the circuit remains Direct-coupled, with no capacitors in the signal path.
    o Fully discrete audio circuitry.

    o 100/115/230v support

    o L - 11.5", W - 12", H - 2.6"
    o Weight - 10 lbs
    Note, height includes feet

    o Approximately 6 Watts per Channel into 50R
    o User-selectable low/high gain output
    o Output Impedance: <1 Ω
    o Gain: 4x, 7x

    o 1 x Line-level 1 RCA - Rear panel
    o 1 x Line-level 2 RCA - Rear panel

    o 1 x 1/4" TRS Low gain jack for lower impedance/higher sensitivity headphones
    o 1 x 1/4" TRS high gain jack for higher impedance headphones
    o 1 x 4-pin XLR to accommodate balanced cables
    o 1 x (Line-2) Loop Out RCA - Rear panel

    Tube details:
    o Ventilated tube cage top allows easy access, air-flow, and a warm-glow view of the tube in operation.
    o Uses a 6922/6DJ8 and exact equivalent tube for optimum sound quality, and linear frequency response.
    o Stock tube: Genelax 6922
    o HV supply/heater supply

    Selector switches - Front Panel:
    o Toggle switch low/high gain
    o Toggle switch Input 1/Input 2

    o Cavalli signature startup protection sequence to protect your gear during power up.
    o Ability to drive two pair of headphones via any combination of outputs.
    o External side-panel heat sinks offer exceptional heat management and a stylish look.
    o Two voltage rails: one for output stage, and a higher voltage set for input and driver stages.
    o Output stages biased at 150mA, giving a little more than 1/2WRMS of pure Class-A power into 50R.

    Priced at $2,850 USD.
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  5. zerodeefex
    that's beautiful! I love the design aesthetic
  6. SoundFreaq

    Yes, we really like how it came together. Beautiful inside and out : )
  7. cooperpwc
    Just beautiful...! I love the single 6922.
  8. MuppetFace
    Congratulations on the new amp. You really outdid yourself, Alex.
    I love the aesthetic of every Cavalli amp, but this is perhaps the most beautiful of all
  9. preproman
  10. cooperpwc
    I would like to hear someone provide a comparison of this with the Liquid Gold. I am anti-tube these days (not for sound but don't want to buy from the hoarders). However I happen to own a world-class 6922.
  11. cooperpwc
    The single tube design makes it so much easier than requiring a matched pair. I like this.
  12. SoundFreaq
    The cool thing about this embedded-hybrid, is that you kind of get the best of both worlds. Liquid Crimson is based on a SS topology. Rather than having a typical hybrid design with different tube and transistor gain stages, coupled with a capacitor - It stays completely DC coupled, so zero caps in the signal path. The low-end transients are nice. Add in the fully discrete audio circuitry, and the two rails, and you essentialy have a top-performing SS amp with a finely implemented tube stage. And yes, only having to worry about one tube can definitely be a bonus. At the least, you get to try out twice as many tubes : )
  13. taiquanhui
    Because of no XLR input, it is not a real balanced amp, right?
  14. kothganesh

    My question as well..thanks
  15. SoundFreaq
    Cavalli does design balanced, but this one was intended to be a fantastic sounding, easy, Single-ended embedded-hybrid design for versatility. 
    As such, you have the 4-pin XLR out so you can still connect your balanced cables without having to swap them out. And two 1/4" TRS - and keep in mind you can run more than one pair of headphones at the same time via any combination of outputs. It has plenty of power to connect up anything you have. Plus, keep in mind the Low/high gain-selectable toggle. And one of the TRS output jacks lowers noise and output, with the resistors in series, for your lower impedance/higher sensitivity 'phones. 
    Balanced designs:
    Liquid Gold - fully balanced/differential
    Liquid Lightning 2 - balanced inputs for your electrostatics
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