New Cavalli Audio Liquid Glass Amplifier - Fall Release

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  1. Jozurr
    It's a terrific amp indeed.
    The best tubes I've used so far on the Glass are Mullard ECC32, which are expensive tubes. The gain on the ECC32 is higher, which also helps with the HE-6. Other tubes that work very well with the HE-6 are the 6SN7W Short Bottle. If you want cheaper nice quality tubes which have a good sound stage but sound a bit more solid state, try the Hytron (Pre-CBS) 6SN7. They're terrific tubes for the price.
    For the settings, use this:

    If you were closer to SF, you couldve come over and tried a lot of my tubes.
  2. Mechans1
    If you are bent on getting real Shuguang they imported by Grant Fidelity, based in Canada, but sell to USA direct. I was too lazy to see if they are still around. I have been no personal experience with the CV-181s but a very good friend whose opinion I trust, sold them shortly after they were conditioned, or as it is said burnt in.
  3. Mechans1
    I am partial to Sylvania 6SN7s in general but own ECC32s33s and even a single B65. The other Englich tubes of note are CV 1988s made by Brimar which come in black and gray glass if you like that. I really like them but fear the market is"now flooded with counterfeits, thus in this case I recommend you buy decent used tubes.
    The Sylvania I think you should consider beside the Ws which are superb, are the late 40s and 50s bottom getter GTs. Only buy really clean tubes which look feel orig box NOS if possible, not test 100%. Don't worry about the Bad Boy 3 rivet plate, but if within reach get them of course.
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  4. Jozurr
    Im curious - have any of you compared the good noval tubes like the 6922 (reflektor or cca) vs good 6SN7 tubes? Which ones sound better? Ive only always used ECC32/6SN7 tubes in my Glass, but curious about other kinds of tubes as well.
  5. mrspeakers Contributor
    I've preferred the 6SN7 to the 6922, though I did enjoy the Miniwatts. Seem to project better clarity and soundstage. The 12SN7GT tubes are excellent as well, they're often the same as the 6's but much more readily available and cheaper.
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  6. MLGrado

    This just isn't for 'new production' tubes. I finally got the courage to open a never before unboxed pair of Delco branded Sylvania (i think) 6F8G tubes. You can tell they have never been opened due to the way they are sealed with a metal 'button' or 'stamp'. It would seem to be extremely unlikely one could actually open the box and reseal it as if unopened.

    So here I have a brand new pair of beautiful World War II era 6F8G to use in my Icon HP8 MKII. Best sound I have EVER, EVER heard out of this amp, but, yes, upon warmup, there is a notable 'pop, tick and crackle' that diminishes with warmup and time. So, I would not worry about they noise :) Just enjoy as they settle in :)
  7. Jozurr
    Would you be able to share more details of the miniwatts? Im trying to venture into different tube kinds to see if I like any more than the 6SN7s. So far my favourite pair are the 12SN7GT TungSol black glass round plates
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  8. Hiyono
    Dbel84, do you know what type of volume pot is inside the liquid glass? Mine was acting funky the other day. When I turn it just static and volume doesn’t change. Few hours later. Seems to work fine now but still a bit of static sometimes when turning.

    I was thinking of replacing with same or a higher end one. Do you know the model or specs on the original? Thanks in advance.
  9. dBel84
    It is a custom made TKD, you could use an off the shelf 25K or 50K version.

  10. mrspeakers Contributor
    Sorry for delay. The clear Tungsol 12SN7GT with round plates happens to be my favorite, I wonder how close the black and clear are? I only found them once though. Mini watt isn't as good. You might try the russian 6H6N, it's a superb tube. Good soundstage, and really solid bass with a smooth midrange. D
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  11. Jozurr
    I'm not entirely sure if clear round plate tung-sols exist - Do you have pictures of these? The black glass ones are the same as the legendary 6SN7GT ones, except they're 12V.

    I have recently tried the Siemens Cca tubes as well, and they're extremely good.
  12. quantx
    Trying to understand correctly connections on the back of LG :
    - source RCA output (CD player) goes to input 1 (or 2)
    - L output goes to preamp RCA output
    Is that correct ?
    If it is, what happens when you don't listen to headphones (LG being off) and use source (CD player) to preamp and amp,
    how do you get music, if output from source (CD) goes through LG, but LG is off since you don't want to use headphones ? I'm missing something…
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  13. sheldaze
    @quantx the manuals are online. If you go to Cavalli Audio, there is a link to the repair site:
    Avenson Audio has all the old manuals linked there.

    The loop (L) output is fed from whatever is input to the first (1) input.

    The preamp (P) output is fed from whatever input is selected, and is variable with the volume. It cannot be used at the same as time as the headphone output, and there is a switch on front to select headphone (h) or pre (p).

    There are two elements to having power on the Glass. First is when it is plugged in, and having the power switch in the back turned on. In this mode, the loop output will be on. Then once you power on the Glass via the front panel, (I believe) the pre-amplifier or headphone outputs will function.
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  14. quantx
    I know all that and have manuals, etc.
    Still I don't get it :
    - if I plug source (CD) to Cavalli (1 or 2), and Cavalli (L) to preamp, what happens when Cavalli is off (meaning power switch to OFF) and I want to listen source through pre+amp and speakers ?
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  15. dBel84
    The pre-out is active, thus no output if LG is off through the preamp section. If you use the loop out, then the signal will merely bypass the amp.

    .. dB
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