1. kokushu

    Cavalli Liquid Glass using low standard materials?

    I have heard from a few people that they got rid of the Liquid Glass because they find out it wasn't quite using the material for the price.  I don't know if this is true or not but want to get some information on it; and it is does it even matter for the price?
  2. romnation

    Cavali Audio Liquid Glass VS Liquid Fire

    How does the new Liquid Glass compared to the Liquid Fire? I own the Liquid Fire right now, and want to know if the upgrade is worth it.   Thanks!
  3. Sound Quest

    Headphones for "electronic music" if money wasn't an issue.

    What headphones would you recommend for dance, trance, hardcore, synthpop....etc. If money wasn't an issue at all?   I often hear the term that the headphone is "too slow" for dance music. So what high end "fast headphones" would you recommend?
  4. runeight

    New Cavalli Audio Liquid Glass Amplifier - Fall Release

    Folks, the new Liquid Glass amplifier will be available for delivery at the end of October.   The Liquid Glass is a hybrid amp at the opposite end of the tube-rolling spectrum from the Liquid Fire. The LF does not facilitate tube rolling (although owners still do it. :) ). The LG, OTOH, is...
  5. sobrietywarrior

    Best DAC pairing with the Darkstar

    What do you think is the best DAC coupled with the Darkstar? I saw a review here that the Zodiac series is a good pairing. Would the Zodiac Gold be the best pairing?
  6. iim7V7IM7

    HD800 + $1,000-$2,500 Amp = Sonic Bliss?

    Hi,   I had an earlier post last week where I was asking about tube amps for an HD800.  But I have been thinking a bit more broadly about it and considering also solid state or hybrid amplifiers as well. The thought for a tube amp was because so many experienced HD800 users preferred them, and...
  7. Cavalli Audio Liquid Glass

    Cavalli Audio Liquid Glass

    Liquid Glass Hybrid Tube-Roller’s Dream Amplifier The Liquid Glass is a hybrid tube-roller’s dream amplifier. The internal design of the LG gives you the exact sound of whatever tube you are using as though the tube is running stand alone, with no load. The Liquid Glass Hybrid Tube-Roller’s...