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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Benvoka
    Hope there will be a girl/Androvega soon. This is waaaaay more interesting than the royals in the UK *duck*.
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  2. alphanumerix1
    So your saying the soundstage is a wide as the Andromeda but with deeper bass than the Vega?
  3. Jackpot77
    From memory, Atlas staging isn't as wide/vast as the Andro, but the sound feels "bigger". Also, bass is an upgrade on the Vega for me - even more depth and texture, with the same insane physicality.

    The Androvega comments come from the more present and balanced midrange compared to the Vega, and the better executed treble, which is now in line with how the Andro presents (although it isn't the same). Atlas tuning is pretty unique, and pretty enjoyable as a result.
  4. Omegon
    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone who has heard the Comet can comment on whether these would be an upgrade coming from se215? I'm curious about trying out a BA driver iem and like the CA products in general. Thanks!
  5. hung031086
    20180516_145512.jpg 20180516_145749.jpg 20180517_115039.jpg
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  6. siderak
    Just got my Atlas today.
    Had my eye on Andromeda for awhile but decided on the latest greatest due to comparative posts over the last few weeks.
    These are clearly the nicest iem’s I’ve ever heard. I’d sworn off putting anything in my ears again, but couldn’t resist...
    I really hope I can tolerate these because the sound is impressive.
    Huge and intimate at the same time.
    They definitely don’t let any badly mixed bass get away with anything.
  7. Gnawbert
    Well, my Atlases arrived this afternoon. I was very hesitant to purchase these. I'm a lowly grad student in the humanities, and am selling pretty much my entire collection of equipment (plus a Nintendo Switch) to finance this purchase. I've spent the past hour procrastinating on a seminar paper that's due tomorrow to listen to these, and I'm simply stunned. I have a few key songs I know pretty well, Tycho's DIVE, Ludovico Einauid's INTRODUCTIO AD REGNUM TARANTULAE, Lisa Gerad's NOW WE ARE FREE, Dire Straits WALK OF LIFE, and Emancipator's NATURAL CAUSE. Simply put, I've heard things in these songs that I've never heard before; it's like rediscovering old friends, or getting Lasik. These Atlases are absolutely amazing.
  8. KB Contributor

    We know its a lot of cabbage for a IEM, thank you for taking the leap and also supporting Campfire, it means a lot to us so thank you.. We are really happy to read your post considering your situation so were super happy you are enjoying the Atlas and hope they serve you well for a long time, rock on.


    Last edited: May 17, 2018
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  9. siderak
    I’m having a similar experience with
    my test tracks!
    I agree. Amazing.
    Hope your seminar paper is in excellent sounding music!
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  10. Gnawbert
    Thanks for making a great product! I've been eyeing your lineup for years ever since I listened to a pair of Andromeda's at a shop in Seoul. Loved the sound of the Vegas when I heard them last summer. I'm glad I took the leap to these. These don't disappoint, and I'm looking forward to the next few years of grad school with my Atlases as study buddies.
    Last edited: May 18, 2018
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  11. theveterans
    It’s like more or less IMO 80% Vega and 20% Andromeda as the overall sound signature is still from Vega. If you don’t like Vega, I’m positive that you won’t like it either.

    Comet will certainly beat the SE215 in all areas except for subbass where DD has the decay and body advantage. Nevertheless, Comet’s bass is no slouch either and will give you much better texture and fast decay that you’ll grow to love after a while
  12. productred
    My feelings with the Vega went from love at unboxing to "it's ok, not bad, but......." after burning it in and continuously listening to it. At unboxing the Atlas didn't impressed at all (Atlas my fav dealer's demo), but after further burn-in by the dealer it does sound better to me and may be one day it becomes lovable. I do have some urge to buy it for extensive trial and flip it if in the end I dun like it. As of now with allegedly 100+ hours on my dealer's demo the bass got a nice slam, the mids are a bit too recessed / thin for my liking, while the highs got the sparkles but does roll off soon beyond the presence range. While technically what I have just said doesn't sound to promising, it was surprisingly quite a pleasant listen at my dealer when I flipped thru my playlist. The overall effect isn't too far off from what you'd imagine as a nicely implemented hybrid. I do hope after more burn in the highs would get closer to the Andromeda's level.

    If the price difference between the Legend X and the Atlas doesn't mean much to you, just get the Legend X. Basically it does everything the Atlas can do (apparently with burn in), and does them better. And I'm a firm DIS-believer of more drivers means better. I think these two aim for more or less similar sound signatures, so should be quite a fine pairing for direct comparison when someone have owned and test run them for extended periods.
    Last edited: May 18, 2018
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  13. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    You are becoming the only person I agree with consistently on this entire site.

    My EX1000 have a wider presentation but the Atlas is "Bigger"...in a dynamic sense. Like home speakers in your ear.
    Keep up the good work cuz most reviewers are loving everything...all the time and damn if i even know what they listen to when making opinions.

    Pink Floyd
    Bob Marley

    ...listener over here
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  14. Colors
    Just an update from a Comets owner:

    Been about a month now. Still loving them. I love the "spherical"-like sound I get from them. Comfort, isolation, build quality, etc. are still great. Probably the best IEM you can get for $199 except maybe slight competition from the ER3XR.

    Not sure where I can upgrade in the Campfire lineup from there (don't suggest Andromeda/Atlas - no money).
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