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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. r34p3rex
    These forums are horrible for my wallet.. guess I'll pick up a pair and throw my Roxannes up for sale
  2. kdphan
    bass coming from BAs (even 12 on the roxanne II) will not extend as low as dynamic drivers.

    I had the roxanne II and didn't think much of its low end.
  3. kdphan
    Has anyone compared the bass on the atlas vs. the Aurisonics ASG 2.5?

    the ASG 2.5 is a bass machine and then more and more.

    I had to turn it to almost 0.
  4. subguy812
    At times, the bass will give you quite the sub woofer effect. The key is that while it can display a bassy signature, at other times it creates a phenomenal balance. There is some mojo in the Atlas. The bass is what everyone wants to talk about, but the overall delivery deserves discussion.
  5. faithguy19
    774D6B4C-6C50-46C4-996D-1F788FBDA8A4.jpeg D709D788-A7DB-4031-861D-2D703A387460.jpeg
    Here are some quick ones of the comet. My ears are pretty small so that might make a difference.
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
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  6. CalvinW
    Thanks man! My ears are pretty small too so I was worried it might protrude too much, but it looks great!
  7. Kundi
    What tips are you using?
  8. faithguy19
    Medium marshmallow
  9. kakistos
    I still don’t know if I want to return the andromeda in exchange for them. Do you find them fatiguing and is it able to play music well with all genres? If you’ve heard the Andromedas, how do they compare to the Atlas?
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  10. fogsound
    I don't find them fatiguing at all (same with the Vega for me, which some reported as fatiguing) and all genres sound brilliant. Of course the low end shines, but everything is more than nicely done. I never thought I'd get ride of my Vegas (and still am trying to rationalize keeping them), but the Atlas is really perfect.
  11. Benvoka
    I totally agree to this. The highs are, what makes the Atlas simply better than the Vega. As I said in my review, I compare the Atlas's highs to the Andromeda 's.

    If you have principles like having a flat frequency response, you won't sleep well, knowing you have the Atlas. But still. The Atlas extends incredibly well on all frequencys, like the Andromeda does.

    Campfire Audio has quite fitting names for its Iems. The Andromeda is, like the galaxy seen through a telescope, flat(ish), very even with alot of tiny little details. This goes for the frequency response as well as for the soundstage.
    The Atlas is a strong man, a titan. He packs a huge punch, but you will see/hear all the details as well with ease. The soundstage has more 3D to it, but to me, it seems also wider than the Vega.

    I don't experience the Atlas as fatiguing, but he is very exiting and immersive. As for the music: I listen to all music genres. You might find the Atlas slightly over the top with tracks that have deep "spheric", boomy bass. Here the Atlas will be completely unleashed and will let you tremble. With folk or classic you will not find many traces of this bass. Here the Atlas will act a little like the Andromeda, unless there are deep drums :).

    If I didn't know it better.. .. I would call the Atlas Androvega.
    Last edited: May 17, 2018
  12. kakistos
    So that’s what people have been claiming it to be too. It’s a mix between the andromeda and Vega huh? Gonna have to pass on this because I’m worried if I won’t like it. Thanks for the details guys
  13. Benvoka
    If you liked the Vega, you will love the Atlas. If you liked the highs of the Andromeda and its soundstage, and the depth and bass of the Vega, you absolutely need the Atlas (IMHO).

    It's best to test a well burned-in Atlas if you are unsure. But if you didn't like the idea behind the Vega it is indeed very likely you won't like the Atlas.

    I'd rather call the Atlas: Vegomeda. :)
    Last edited: May 17, 2018
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  14. Ian88
    Ok i just demoed the comets and i did notice microphonics when i wore them cable down and i cant seem to wear them over the ear, cable wont stay. Does the atlas have the same problem since theur bodies are similar?
  15. ExpatinJapan

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