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New, Burson Playmate 9038 DAC, 2Wpc HeadAmp, Preamp, Changeable opamps.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by raoultrifan, Dec 3, 2018.
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  1. alota
    @raoultrifan exactly. You're really good. I' m not technician but i thought the same. I repeat: for the class price i think it's a minor issue or a compromise. For the rest and repeating the class price, about pure sound performance playmate is really really good
  2. escalibur
    Has anyone of you experienced an issue with powering Playmate? Mine went off in the middle of listening session and right after that it start to produce clicking sound. Powering off and on didn't helped either. I have already contacted Burson's support so let's see how can they help me with this.
  3. alota
    @escalibur yes. One time. The click i think is the relay. But like i wrote if i touch the rear playmate turns off
    @raoultrifan. Do you know if the installation on a pc case requires a powerful transformer? Thank you
  4. raoultrifan
    Hmmm, so it's not the power plug, right? Can you please try to power it up from a PC's power supply via the MOLEX plug?

    Also, if you have a DMM, feel free to open up the case and measure the small fuse from inside. If it's broken, only use an identical part no (ask Burson); don't remember well, but it might be a 5A slow-blow one.
  5. raoultrifan
    [...]@raoultrifan. Do you know if the installation on a pc case requires a powerful transformer? Thank you[/QUOTE]
    Any computer power supply should do, because PLAYMATE is not drawing more than 0.6A of constant current, but I strongly recommend a low-noise one.
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  6. Fasterball
    I had the exact same thing happen. Burson is sending a replacement pcb to see if that fixes the issue. No idea what caused it.
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  7. escalibur
    @raoultrifan I don't want to mess with the molex plug because I cannot even fit my Playmate in my Meshify C case. :) I'm sure this has something to do with broken relay or the power brick itself.

    Thanks for the info. It's a shame because I really wanted to continue my testing session especially with comparing it to my Fun (Sparkos SS3601) & Khadas Tone Board combo.

    Let's wait and see what Burson's support will say about my issue.
  8. alota
  9. raoultrifan
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  10. Mouseman
    At $1800 US, I sure hope it sounds better. :L3000:
    I looked at the specs this morning, and I'm confused by the input options. While it's nice to have APT-X (even though I don't have anything that uses it), I'm not sure I see optical or coax in. The spec sheet doesn't say anything, but there are jacks on the left by the antenna that might be. Burson posted the wrong specs on the Playmate at first, too.
  11. Postmodum
    My Playmate also had issues with power to a point that in went off and never came back. Burson sent me a PCB and it was fixed.

    Although, that was fixed, i still have some issues here and there, for example, static noise from the right channel after i came from vacation ... i thought it was faulty but after letting it play for 10 min, it was good...
    The shielding from the RCA connections in the back, got loose after i removed a RCA cable and it was stuck on the RCA plug ...

    Power connectors and usb connectors are also super sensitive, moving or touching the device gets some power downs and such.

    I think there's lots of things in terms of QA they can get better at ... but all in all, great sounding device. I'm using Playmate + Bang with my X2s and speakers, a active Wharfedale sub and Wharfedale 11.2's and its great in every way. ( i know the X2s are easy to drive, but ... still need to get those upgraded to see the real benefits of the playmate )
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
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  12. alota
    In my opinion missed some quality control. Burson sent to you a new pcb. I'm totally ignorant about diy. So my alternative is to send to Australia, alternative too much expensive. It's a shame because sonically is a valid product
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
  13. Postmodum
    It's easy, believe me ... it's mainly unscrewing screws ... and disconnecting some plugs ... nothing big. I'm not into PCB "work" at all and i was able to do so ... but any help just ping us ... i/we will get you through that don't worry.
  14. alota
    Nothing to solder or unsolder?
  15. Postmodum
    No solder required :) In my case the worst part was disconnecting the 2 power plugs ... they are very well fixed, but by positioning and pushing the right way, they come off instantly. You'll see, it's quite easy. But that's just how those plugs work. After i got the hang of it i connected and disconnected them times over without issues.

    All the other plugs are very easy since it's just pins.

    Btw, i'm from Portugal too :wink:
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