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New, Burson Playmate 9038 DAC, 2Wpc HeadAmp, Preamp, Changeable opamps.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by raoultrifan, Dec 3, 2018.
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  1. Mrdobson
    Will the Burson play or playmate work with the PS4?
  2. marty16
    I assume it would, as PS4 has optical out, and Playmate has optical in.
  3. Mrdobson
  4. Barra
    Has anyone figured out how to use the front USB C to make an iPhone or a WM1a into a source? I have the proper cables and have tried changing the input within the menu. So far, no luck.
  5. cleg
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  6. marty16
    playmate.jpg Today is a good day
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  7. alota
    i have sold my playmate so i can write more relaxed. Bought recently a chord hugo tt so this is the only reason sellyng my playmate.i could have lived perfectly with my laymate. hugo tt is better without doubts but the diffference in perfomance is not related with the difference in the price. the price of hugo tt new is insane in my opinion. playmate has concrete performance at human price. this is the hifi i like. sadly the market today is overrated with crazy prices. probably new conductor v3 is better in performance but if you have a regular headphone, meaning not hungry in power, playmate is a definitive dac/amp. one last note. my buyer had the conductor v2; he told me the performance of playmate is really similar to conductor v2. sometimes i think: why didn't I keep the burson?:ksc75smile:
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  8. ConcreteSnake
    Needed to chip in with little clarification... I have had CV2+ (sabre one, better one) and current Playmate with Everest opamp combination definitely inclines to bigger bro sound. That powerhouse was probably more suited for power hungry cans but if you dont own such I think you can be better off with Playmate unit. I love it!
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2019
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  9. Joong
    Playmate is more balanced in that highs are now more smooth than Swing/Fun.
    The less energy in high reveals whole instruments which are not maksked by stronger highs.

    I like playmate sound signature even in stock form.
  10. raoultrifan
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  11. Asahi Templar
    Might end up buying another Playmate, sold mine and I regret it lol. Looks like you can get a V6 vivided out Playmate for 432, nice deal for sure. Lowest price ever.
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  12. raoultrifan
    Forgot to say there's a 20% Coupon Code "20OFF" at check-out and get 20% off all Burson Audio Products.

    "Sales ending Cyber Monday, while stock lasts


    Watch out for those items already on sale! A further 20% applies to already reduced prices!"
  13. deenoo
    To the replacemant of the I/V OPA1612, the Burson V6 vivid dual operation amplifiers arrived.
    Thanks for Burson & Carlos!
    Here we can see the new opa-s on my photos.
    The Moode audio player 6.3.0 was my music playback (as usual) for the Raspberry Pi 3B+ single board computer.
    I was surprised by the quality of the Audiophile Lounge internet radio (320 kbps mp3) playing similarly to a live quality flac music source as OPA1612 was replaced by the Burson V6 Vivid.

    The Burson V6 sounded superior to the 1612 and it clearly heard at the first listening section.
    My very first impression was that I am listening to an amazingly lifelike music.

    After a hundred hours long continuous usage, the well-known music became more detailed and nice, when new textures appeared. I noticed the very nice atmosphere of the recording stage as well.
    Gregorio Paniagua: As the music plays on, the instruments were not could be heard as spot-like, but more defined and well-spreading. Every note from the chords could be correlated to the strikes of the strings. The shaw-teeth were counted by one by one while the power saw worked. The fluting had a nice airy sigh.
    Natalie Dessay’s singing and the rich textured voice of the instruments from the baroque era are sounded like a live concert experience.
    Yello:When I heard just the bass section only, it made a fully detailed, very soft and rhythmic impression.
    I was fascinated by listening to Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show album because of the well dimensioned, huge stage effect and clear tune.
    Interestingly, the tracks of albums compressed with less bitrate (like 128-256 kbps mp3) are enjoyable, and well reproduced.
    Natalie Dessay – Baroque (FLAC)
    Natalie Dessay – Bach/Magnificat, Handel/Dixit Dominus (APE)
    Atrium Musicae de Madrid, Gregorio Paniagua - 2003 - La Folia de la Spagna (FLAC)
    Yello – Flag (FLAC)
    Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show - The Perfect Sound (2015) (FLAC)

    Thank you for the opportunity!

    Regards, Dee
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  14. Mouseman
    Awesome post, I'm glad to see someone else enjoying the switch in their Playmate. Now if you really want to push it to another level, drop some Vivids or Classics in the other two spots. I have mine set up in the Everest configuration (2 Vivids/2 Classics), and it is amazing. Not cheap, but I think it was worth the expense. One of these days I'll try all 4 as Classics (I have some extras) and see if I like it better.
  15. Onik
    Dark time for my PLAY MATE most of the output caps are fried I only pointed few of em to show playm8 users.

    But the weird thing is that I noticed constant hiss(white noise) only on my left Chanel.:nerd:

    I'm now thinking to replace all elna rvj series caps with good and high quality ones.

    Any suggestions on good caps would be appreciated.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2019
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