New, Burson Conductor 3 Reference: Dual 9038 DAC, 7.5Wpc Head Amp, Preamp, Changeable Opamps
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A new TOTL DAC and headphone amp / preamp from Burson Audio is incoming.
* Dual ESS9038 DAC chip.
* Class A headphone and preamp outputs. Headphone outputting 7500mW@16ohm.
* Dual mono and fully symmetrical.
* Fully discrete signal path.
* Burson proprietary Max Current Power Supply (MCPS) which raises voltage frequency from 50Hz to 170kHz, pushing noise beyond human hearing.
* 5 sets of MCPS: Which means, Display/Functionality, DAC, analouge left and analouge right are all separately powered.
* 4 layers, high-density PCB, ensuring perfect separation and shielding of noise interference
* Bluetooth 5.0 input.
* Xmos USB receiver. 32bit / 786khz, DSD512 native streaming (custom developed driver by Thesycon, Germany)
* 7 selectable sound filters and two gain levels.
* Audiophile components throughout including TDK resistors, Elna caps.
* All-new "Cool Case" is a 300% more efficient heat-sink when compared to the Conductor 2 enclosure.
*1800USD inc shipping worldwide.

Dual DAC and dual mono design :L3000:Yes please! So far I'm quite pumped and can't wait to have a listen to it.

Before you ask, I don't know what the "tetris button" does.

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Wow, as a previous Conductor (V1) owner I am really interested about this one
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I can already hear Burson saying 'no more Mr. Nice Guy'. :dt880smile:

'Tetris' button is probably related to the display in case you want to flip your Conductor.

ps. Dat design though..:astonished:
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Another DAC/amp with no EQ and no Crossfeed?

Good thing too as we have such a shortage of those... not.
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It seems that Conductor 3 was just unveiled and here its official page:
Retail price 1800USD inc shipping.
Pre-Order Promotional Price 1399 inc shipping.
Shipping from Mid September

Will update my original post once I get back from vacation.
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I’m a big fan of Burson. They make amazing gear. I was hoping they would replace the V2/V2+. But I was hoping it would be something with balanced in’s and out’s. Nevertheless, the specs look outstanding.
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I am interested, as I like the burson sound. They have to fix their amp impedance issues with low impedance cans/iems and the background hissing, especially at this price.

I have owned four burson device and their customer service is the best I have encountered.
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i have a playmate and i´m happy but my headphone deserves more. of course this new conductor on paper is awesome.
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I have a conductor V2+ with power amp Timekeeper. They are brilliant and I am quite excited about V3. Specially their new power supply design is very inspiring and intriguing!

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