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New: Burson Audio Play Amp/DAC (2W@16Ohm) (op-amp rollers dream)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by ostewart, Sep 20, 2017.
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  1. vadinoy
    that is to drive a week and decide what I need ?
  2. kebcy
    Hello guys!

    One quick question.

    There is any "good knob level" on the Burson Play!? I am using it at 55, but is that ok? The too high volume could damage my Play! unit or nope? The higher knob level could produce more heat, or is it possible that creates dissortion in the sound?

    Any advantages or disadvantages using it on a higher volume level?

    Thanks in advance!

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  3. raoultrifan
    If you intend to purchase a PLAY and you're not sure if you need the BURSON opmaps inside or not, then it's all about your money. I kinda like more the Classic V6 opamps then the default NE5532/5534, but it's all about how much money you want to invest. In synthetic measurements NE5532/5534 are as good as the others, so...again, all come to the money.

    If you already have the Basic PLAY, then my best sound and lowest possible noise was with 3xAD8599 (SO8-to-DIP8 adapters) + 2xAD797. Also, 3xMUSES8920 + 2xAD797 was about in the same leagues as the above.
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  4. raoultrifan
    Very good question indeed: you need around 52% for 2V RMS, but could be anything between 45-55%; after all, depends what you intend to drive on the RCA plugs. 55% is probably around 2.2V RMS, some speakers amps might have an issue with that, as their input stage might distort (same applies to Objective2 headamp if gain is >3X). Of course, when driving cans on the 6.3mm plug, always start with a much lower volume, like 10-15% and don't use software to control the volume, just use PLAY's knob.

    Theres no need to use more than 55% of power if you intend to drive an external amplifier, it won't help and yes...PLAY could get a little bit warmer.

    BTW, PLAY is never hot, it is just warm, up to 40C on top. Matrix HPA-3B is hot: 55C on top, sometimes. :)
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  5. Fasterball
    Is there a dual AD op amp that you could recommend that comes in the DIP 8 form?
  6. raoultrifan
    Well, not something that I was testing in PLAY before. Go for MUSES8920 (or MUSES01) then, but only if you don't like the NE5532/5534 combo and if you also don't want to use the SS V6.
  7. Fasterball
    Where are you all getting your 8920's? When I go to Mouser.com it says I'd have to order 2000. I don't want to do that. I'm distrusting of EBAY and Amazon. So I'm not really sure where to get them.
  8. raoultrifan
    Profusion, UK. Check if they still got some in stock or not.
  9. Fasterball
    Darn - can't find 8920 in stock
  10. Fasterball
    Does anyone like the opa627?
  11. Eiffel
    Vivids may work quite well in LPF and Gain, just not in I/V for the K712.
    I have Classics in I/V with Vivid in LPF and Gain. It's a bit more fun to listen than when using even one more Classic in LPF. With 3 Classic I found the sound quite boring no matter at what I listen.

    It seems the output voltage may slightly vary depending on what OP-AMPs you use. For me with the combination I've mention I have 2V at 47. If using all vivids I have to go at 45.

    I've told you few posts ago how I buy my Muses - not from online shops like Mouser or DigiKey but using the local distribuitors.
    Just go on the link with the warning about fake products and you will get a list of authorized distributors. You can contact them to tell you where to buy.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2018
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  12. WilliamLeonhart
    I wish there could be a direct and easy channel from Muses in Japan to us, their international customers. When I went there opamps (and all other audio related stuffs) are much cheaper than on eBay, and there wasn’t any reason to worry about fakes. The sad thing is you’d have to walk around to get great deals. Sometimes there are good deals on Yahoo Auction but it still doesn’t compare to the local shops
  13. Asahi Templar
    If you can find a good forwarding service (tenso for example) akizukidenshi is the place to buy muse op amps in Japan online. You can get Muses 8920 for 480 yen each.

    That is the website I used for mine.

    Depending on how cheap you can get the forwarding service to send them, they are a great option as they sell the real thing.
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  14. Eiffel
    For Europe the main distributor I could found using that link I mentioned - for almost all countries - is Rutronik - they have local reselers. I contact them, they gived me contact for local reseller. Had to wait about 2 weeks but I got them at half price compared to Mouser.

    This is the final page you get accesing the link - https://www.njr.com/sales/index.php
    I don't know why Mouser and Digikey are promoted so much so you need 2 pages to get the distributors list.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2018
  15. raoultrifan
    I was unable to purchase from Rutronik, they sell to dealers only. Instead, I purchased from ProFusion.
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