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New Beyerdynamic T5p 2nd generation

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rhizomatik, Dec 15, 2015.
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  1. Shane D
    Thanks for the reply.

    Shane D
  2. Shane D
    A trivia question for T5p owners: Are your ear cups spring loaded? I could have sworn that while researching video's on these that the cups were spring loaded to go against your ears. Or was it the T1's? I just got my used pair and they are not. I am looking back through review video's and can't find any mention. Am I delusional? I am gettin' old...

    Shane D
  3. arielext
    Beyerdynamics and springs? Not that I am aware off.
  4. Shane D
    Happy New Year's folks!!

    Shane D
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  5. Shane D
    Wow, These Headphones are amazing! Using my Sony DAP (ZX300), I set the bass at +2 and the treble at -1. No other tricks.

    An hour of Florence and The Machine sounded excellent. Great vocal presentation.
    Hour of Trombone Shorty sounded just as clear and had my head bobbing and my feet tapping.
    I then jumped into 90 minutes of Stone Temple Pilots, new and old. These cans can do It all. That new singer just fits right in.

    Now I am running through my 2018 additions:
    Black Stone Cherry
    The Blue Stones
    Dave Matthews
    Kamasi Washington
    Miles Davis/John Coltrane

    Turns out I bought 152 songs in 2018, so this will take a while.:)

    On a different tack, they have been on my head for 5.5 hours and still feel comfortable!

    So glad I made this purchase!

    Shane D
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  6. Shane D
    7 straight hours of wear, including a nap, with no ear pain. A new record for me. Pretty impressive.:smile_phones:

    Shane D
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  7. Peter Hyatt
    My wife & I are logging lots of hours together on the two new Christmas gift T5ps.

    No fatigue & no discomfort from hours of wear.

    Great sound & comfort.
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  8. Pingupenguins
    Did you do any modification to head T5p's or is it straight out of the box. I always found them a little clampy as well as heavy (can't do much about that). I love the T5p an T1 sound, but couldn't seem to keep wearing them for hours and hours. I've had a lot of luck with Fostex TH series headphones though.

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  9. Peter Hyatt

    Nothing on either.

    Like much eise, I think it takes time for the brain to adjust to the sensory of weight - contact.

    I also have had the T1 for a few years. I like the softer pads on it, but thus far, I’ve been so lost in the music that hours have passed w T5 being comfortable.

    I wouldn’t mind swapping to the soft pads, but am concerned about the change in sound.
  10. Shane D
    Did you get two pairs of T5p's for Christmas? Seems a little repetitive?

    Shane D
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  11. Rowethren
    I found that the Dekoni Lambskin pads helped loads with the clamp as the foam is much softer.
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  12. Pingupenguins
    Any changes to sound signature at all?

  13. Rowethren
    Perhaps increases the bass a bit but nothing major considering the improvement in comfort.
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  14. arielext
    I ended up with the Dekoni pads for the Fostex TH900; they are just a bit bigger but that brings even more comfort for me, now my ears aren't touching the pads at all! The inner diameter of the Dekoni pads for the T5p are smaller then the original, something to be aware of.
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  15. Rowethren
    Yeah the hole is a bit smaller but I guess I have small ears as I never found it an issue.
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