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New Beyerdynamic T5p 2nd generation

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rhizomatik, Dec 15, 2015.
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  1. frenox
    i see, thanks. so is there any pads that wont alter the sound quality but with better clamping ?
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  2. arielext
  3. borrego
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  4. Rowethren
    I am selling my Ether Flows so I decided to take of the Dekoni Hybrid pads from them and put them onto my T5p and they are way more comfortable with much more room for your ears to breath and less clamp. They increase the sound stage a bit as well which is nice. They do definitely isolate less though and make them slightly more treble tilted although the bass still sounds pretty good. Overall I think I will keep these pads on the T5p now as a replacement for the Dekoni Lambskin DT pads I was using before.
  5. Shane D
    I really do love these headphones and they have become my everyday phones. Are they bass light? Yes. But you don't notice it until you put on a pair of "bass" headphones. For me that is Meze 99 Classics.

    I switched over to the Meze and played Hanginaround by Counting Crows. My head was bobbin' and I was thinking "oh man I have been missing that bass!" The next song was a Florence and the Machine song and the bass sounded flabby and just wrong. For the first time ever, I dialed back the bass into negative range on my DAP.

    I think these headphones are so exact/precise it is changing my sound preferences.

    It will be Interesting to see where my head is at in the Spring/Summer.

    My first dip into Beyerdynamic has a been success, for me.

    Shane D
  6. JerseyD
    Shane, our preferences must be similar. I will add... that for me, the T5p with the bass EQed up a bit sounds better than the Meze 99 with the bass dialed down a bit. That Meze bass is plentiful but flabby. The T5p is a little light in the bass but it's tight. For what it's worth, I can't believe no has has snapped up our last pair of T5p at Inner Sanctum Audio. Clearance sale is winding down...
  7. Shane D
    I forget to mention two other things:
    1) They are SUPER comfortable. Much more than my HE4XX's.

    2) I got a really good deal as they were used. The best price on these in Canada, through Boxing Week, was through Amazon (Amazon.ca) and that was a little over 1K. With our 15% sales tax that works out as almost $1,200.00. And MANY authorized dealers charge much more than that.

    On CAM (Canuck Audio Mart), I paid $700.00, used. There was a blemish on the headband and so I got $50.00 off.

    So, I paid $650.00, plus $20.00 shipping. About $500.00 US $'s.

    Again, very happy.

    Shane D
  8. drews
    Just joined the club, I'm very happy with these...

    2019-02-08 19.19.57.jpg
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2019
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  9. Shane D
    Nice! Are you using an amp?

    What is your source? I am using a Sony NW-ZX300 via a balanced output and the sound is fantastic.

    Shane D
  10. drews
    I'm using the 4.4mm balanced output of my TA-ZH1ES - (I also have a ZX300). Reports of these being lifeless were ...greatly exaggerated ;^)
  11. Shane D

    So how does that big amp sound? That is 3K in Canada. Yikes! Definitely out of my price range.

    I had never heard a Beyer headphone before and have no idea what the more economical ones sound like, but these are amazing.

    Shane D
  12. BiggieBig
    just received them and loving them, My first decent cans were P9's but sold them when I realised how dull they sounded, even compared to ie800 IEMs.
    T2p.2 more bass than I expected but not overally bassy.

    These sound a little warmer with my Mojo but go well with the clean defined sound of the Mojo chord.
    When I want to tone the bass down a little they go very well with my Fiilo Q5 very musical and little brighter.

    Anyone know where I can purchase a reasonable priced 2.5mm balanced cable for these in the UK ?
  13. keithmarsh
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  14. JoshG1217
    Hey guys,

    I have my t5.2's showing up Monday. Really excited to get them. I had the Dt 1770's previously, and currently have the Amiron Home and the Xm3's. I pair with a ZX 300. I just had a Sony MDR z7, but sold it as I didn't care for the graininess of the sound, but I did love the angled pads and the strong bass. Has anyone tried HM5 angled pads on these? I had tried both the round pads and the Hm5 pads with the Dt 1770, and both fit, though you had to cut the back of the pad to get the circle to snap back in, which was fine. They were snug after that. On the Sony, the angle created a better seal and better comfort. Wonder if that is possible with these. Thoughts?
  15. BiggieBig
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