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New Beyerdynamic T5p 2nd generation

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rhizomatik, Dec 15, 2015.
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  1. HD800NL
    I have a Forza for sale. which connectors are you looking for?
  2. frenox
    anyone here can share their experience using t5p 2nd with ifi IDSD BL ? thanks
  3. ropie
    Cant tell you anything about the IFI
    The T5p 2nd is truely awesome
  4. frenox
    as the owner, is there anything that you don't like about this headphone ?
  5. Arghavan
    It has the classic beyer sound. So the treble can be harsh to some ears with some tracks especially in "s" and "sh" sounds. If you are sensitive to treble these might not be for you.
  6. lcasadonte
    The T5's are also very easy to drive and don't need a lot of power. Lots of detail. Love the cans.
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  7. Rowethren
    I used them with a Lyr 3 in the office fitted with Dekoni Lambskin pads and they have some pretty deep bass as well, very comfortable too :)
  8. frenox
    how does it compare to DT-770 treble ? maybe it's a weird comparison but that's the beyer headphone that i ever owned.
  9. frenox
    does the dekoni pads, change the sound a lot ?
  10. Rowethren
    Not a huge amount. I would say they mainly lift the bass a bit as they compress down more than the stock pads so seal very well.
  11. arielext
    I personally like the TH900 dekoni pads better for the T5p; they are a bit bigger (about 1cm in diameter) making them don't press down on my earlobes. Comfort with the dekoni pads is top notch and they don't mess up the magic that much.
  12. plakat
    To me treble with the T5p2 is never a problem, and, while a bit elevated, never harsh. The DT770 is more prone to that effect, the T5p is much more refined in that regard (and overall, but thats inline with the price difference... to me the DT770 is a phenomenally good sounding headphone given its price).

    Unfortunately the inner diameter of the T5p pads seems to be a bit smaller than the DT770 pads are, making it a bit less comfortable.
  13. lcasadonte
    The cables that come with the T5's are pretty good, I added a black dragon cable which softened the Treble a bit in exactly the right way (no loss of detail, just any harshness that existed).
  14. Tennessee
    Not enough bass for me. Absolutely great for rock, metal, acoustic, folk, but listening to electro and HH was no pleasure. I also didn't like their huge round form and standard pads. As a 2nd phone they are really good, but not as mains. :)
  15. frenox
    glady i have a small ears so it shouldn't be a problem hahaha. thanks for the infos though
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