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New Beyerdynamic T5p 2nd generation

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rhizomatik, Dec 15, 2015.
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  1. arielext
    I'd order a 2nd pair if they send it outside GB but alas they don't :frowning2:
    The dt1770 velour pads are still on btw. The t5p sounds a bit more open now but doesn't block outside noise ask well.
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  2. Rowethren
    I was thinking of trying the Dekoni Hybrid when the T5p arrive but you thought they detract from the sound which is a shame as they are very comfortable on my DT770s... I guess I will see tomorrow
  3. arielext
  4. Rowethren
    I wonder what the Dekoni Velour pads are like, the fabric is much less itchy than the Beyerdynamic Velour.
  5. Rowethren
    Very confused... So my T5p Gen 2 arrived and as far as I can tell the box is completely pristine and the headphones are the same. Can't argue with perfect condition B-stock I guess :beyersmile:

    So far they are sounding pretty good, decent level of bass and overall very neutral tone across the board, certainly far more crisp sounding than my DT770 80 ohm and for 399GBP which is the same as the DT1770 you can't really complain! I did own the DT1770 for a while and I would say they have more bass and treble, I found them a bit fatiguing in the highs after a while which I don't think should be a problem with the T5p, the stock pads are rather hard though so I think I might try a few different options there.
  6. arielext
    My T5p were b-stock as well: the flap on the outer box was used once; so got a €400,- discount, I am not complaining at all :)
    Compared to the DT1770 the T5p is more neutral and imo more comfortable as well.
    I don't like the stock pads as well but found that both the velour DT1770 and dekoni sheepskin fix that in both their own unique way. The velour make the sound more open, while the dekoni pads add more bass and offer a better seal. I'm lucky to have both.
  7. Rowethren
  8. arielext
    Keep in mind that they are closed back and they tend to prefer a good seal over leakage (= lack of bass, lack of intimacy)
  9. arielext
    While rolling pads for my new TH610 I thought I'd try the TH900 dekoni sheepskin pads for the T5p and that is actually a very enjoyable combination! More enjoyable then the dekoni pads for beyerdynamic! They are just a bit bigger (3mm in diameter) which for me is just the difference between earlobes touching and not touching the inner parts of the pads. Recommended!
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  10. Rowethren
    Interesting, I have some TH900 hybrid pads for my Ether Flows which I could try, how do you find the increased angle from the pads effect the sound?
  11. arielext
    So far I did not notice a change at all. I know I did not like the hybrid pads at all for the T5p but ymmv.
  12. Rowethren
    Trying them out now, they are certainly more comfortable but they do suck out some of the bass and seem to raise up the lower treble a bit. Not sure I like the sound that much bit like you said. The bigger holes are definitely a plus though, not sure they increase the comfort enough for me to bother spending another 60GBP on pads though lol. The DT Sheepskin are so much more comfortable than the stock pads, I think it is because they aren't rounded so the pressure is spread more evenly around your ears.

    Edit: I will say that I think I have fairly small ears so that is probably why there is less of a difference.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2018
  13. deewy
    I will be soon getting these headphones. Can somebody please point me to reasonably priced (200USD tops) cable that sounds good and has 4,4 TRRRS termination?

    thank you
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2018
  14. Rowethren
    I am planning on getting a Forzaaudioworks.com cable for my T5p, most likely a Claire Hybrid HPC which starts at around 150 euros. I have used several Forza AudioWorks cables in the past and they are all of very high quality and far more user friendly than the insanely stiff stock cable. They come from Poland as well so nice and close for you :beerchug:
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  15. deewy
    This is awesome, thank you. I originally place an order with Lavricables, however I then realized it probably will be a stiff cable too and canceled my order because of that.

    I will go with Forza cable then.
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