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New Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Generation)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jan meier, Aug 1, 2015.
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  1. Stoaty
    Agreed. I have both. For me the HD800 is more exciting with Electronic music yet the T1.2 is much nicer with Classical because of the Treble response. At the end of the day it's all down to personal taste and I definitely recommend spending some time listening before buying any headphone.
  2. gb21011971
    I have the T1.2 and Elear, so I can compare those two. I have never listened to the HD800s, but am curious how it stacks up against the two.

    I love the upper and mid ends of the T1.2. Beautiful and very resolving, fast. However, I am missing low end extension a bit and pure quantity of bass a lot. I would not consider myself a basshead and I am even very sensible to too much mid bass (that's why I might sell my T5p.2), but the T1.2 IMO needs just a bit more beef in the low end, then it would be my end game.

    The Elear however, has lots of bass, very controlled, no annoying mid bass hump, and real, almost physical slam. But IMO it has a slightly darker signature, a bit of recessed mids and definitely not the sparkling heights of the T1.2.

    Combining slamming low end extension with great treble seems to be an unresolved problem in the industry, it seems you can't have both. Even an Utopia needs more low end according to many. I had the Z1R, great bass, but too veiled, so I sold it.

    Maybe the new Clear will come closer to my preferences, can't wait to test it.

    So how about the HD800s? Many say the T1.2 is warmer and has more bass. Given that personally, I think it lacks a bit of bass, then if it's true, the HD800s will definitely not my cup of tea. Anyone, who can compare all three?
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  3. WildStyle-R11
    Have you looked into DT1990? If not then Do so, but remember it has two earpads that change the sound signature.
  4. Fungus
    I'm not sure about this. From what I've seen on videos and current 2nd gen owners, the cable connectors can be pulled straight out with little effort. No simple locking mechanism is a huge design flaw and defeats the purpose of having detachable cables in the first place. I bet the connector will get loose before the originally stock cable on the 1st gen will have issues and needs to be sent off and recabled by Beyerdynamic technicians. Eventually, the connect is going to get loose and easily fall out just like with 3.5mm audio jacks on old electronic devices except at an even faster rate since the cable is constantly pulled down by gravity. Even $100 Ultrasone utilizes a locking system. The fact the headband is no longer made from leather by pleather is another negative.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2017
  5. Me x3
    The cables lock smoothly and stays there as they should, can't find a huge design flaw there really.
    Gravity plays little to no role at all here since the cable is light relative to the locking strenght.
    On top of that people won't be plugging and unplugging the cables everyday. Happy T1.1 owners might never unplug them for instance.

    With regards to the headband, it's quality pleather and looks more homogeneouos/tighter than the leather on the T1.1
    I have both headphones, if I had to pick one headband I would pick the one on the T1.2 by a small margin. Both are very nice.
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  6. Fungus
    How do they lock though?
  7. Me x3
    It's pretty much like plugging and unplugging a 3.5mm jack into a headphone amp but instead of a hard click you get a much smoother / rubber-like version of a click.
    The connectors work quite firmly so you need a moderate force to pull them out again.
  8. GoSUV
    It's true there is no "locking" mechanisms per se and it does it by friction, but the friction is strong enough that there should be no concern. You can't just dislodge the headphone side cable with enough force to not also pull the headphones right off your head. So in other words I would not worry about it. I own both the T1.2 and T5p.2 and they use the same friction mechanism, in both cases I would not worry about this design and don't think it is a weakness.
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  9. Fungus
    Do you think 690usd for a 2nd gen mint (3 months old) is a good deal?
  10. Me x3
    If you enjoy what it does...

    It's a great headphone, but preferences are key when it comes to picking the right one for you.
    Price means nothing. You might like it more than a 4000usd headphone or less than a 200usd one.
  11. Arghavan
    Hey guys
    I'm really enjoying my T1.2 (32 ohms version) except I find it a little too bright/sibilant for my ears when using it with Chord Mojo. Can you guys recommend me a DAP with sort of a relaxed/laid back/warm/dark sound signature to compensate for this? my budget is somewhere between 800~1000$. There are plenty of DAPs in this price range like AK300, Plenue M2/PR, Sony ZX300
    unfortunately there is no dealer to audition the DAPs in my country.
  12. Mark R-S
    The T1.2 is 600 ohm, so do you mean the AKT1, which is based on the 1st generation? The T1s are on the bright side. I don't really believe that changing source grear really fundamentally changes the character of headphones. How about using parametric EQ to tone down the treble? It'll be much cheaper and will have a bigger impact than changing source gear. If you're using UAPP it has a good parametric EQ which only costs a few $/£/€.
  13. Arghavan
    Actually the AK T1p is based on the 2nd generation T1. (I've confirmed with both AK and Beyerdynamic). (although AK T5p is based on first gen T5p).

    The treble is not that harsh to my ears I just don't want to get a bright sounding DAP. I heard that AK300 has a laid back and smooth sound but the EQ on AK players are not the best. the other options are Sony's ZX300/WM1A and Cowon's.
  14. abhinit90
    Looking to get teh Schiit Jotunheim balanced, any recommendations?

    About 800$ budget, can extend if needed :)
  15. Oscar-HiFi
    I would not get the T1 2nd gen or 1st gen for the Jot, as the Jot leans slightly towards a brighter sound and won't be a good pairing.
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