New Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Generation)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jan meier, Aug 1, 2015.
  1. Chin Chew Choon
    i bought mine 1 month ago. my setup: T1 (2nd gen)>>>beyer A20 (amp)>>>Aune X1s (DAC)>>>PC.

    with the 1st post, of the cover not fixed properly, i quickly checked mine. LOL.

    i did changed my USB A/B cable

    and ordered a cable for my T1 from norneaudio (solv X 2). just trying everything out. LOL.

    i have a copper colour : Moon RCA for my connection between amp and DAC. 1.6mm2 crystal core copper,, anyone tried that brand ~?
  2. hanselmann
  3. Oscar-HiFi
    Looks great Klaus, I hope everything is going well at Beyerdynamic :D
  4. hellfire8888
  5. hanselmann
    Oh, yes. Just coming back from IFA show. It's like drinking water from a firefighter's hose there...

    As always, your local beyerdynamic distributor can help finding a place, where to buy it.
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  6. ahossam
    Any comparison between t1 2nd gen and elear? I am looking for a headphone that can complement elear sound, with little bit more detail without sounding cold and harsh.
  7. nordkapp
    Definitely not the T1.2 then. HD800S is a better bet.
  8. MTMECraig
    The hd800s will probably be the best bet. I am not saying the T1v2 is cold and harsh though... The original T1 when played out of a Aurlic Taurus MKII is super transparent to the point of "sterile" sounding to me. The T1v2 adds enough warm to that to make it a great mix for me to enjoy. I don't know if it is still enough for you.
  9. DBX1
    Rip the bandaid off !!! Go and get yourself a T1 Version 2 !!! You wont regret it !!!!

    The HD800s I also found to be a winner headphone too. I have not had the good fortune of listening to an Elear Headphone myself.
  10. Peter Hyatt

    I love the T1.2. I use Chord Hugo2 and FLAC files and am content.

    I would like to get powered speakers for small room at not too much more than the cost of T1s. Since posters here know and love the sound of T1, can you recommend speakers that will come a bit close to the wonderful T1 sound?

    thank you in advance.
  11. dede4metal
    I love my Dali Zensor 5 and I think they sound similar to T1.2
  12. Me x3
    If your budget allows them check the Focal Aria.

    Had the Zensors and although I've enjoyed them I didn't find them very similar to the T1.
    I think the Zensors are more cohesive, sweeter and softer next to the more vivid and sparkly T1.
  13. Peter Hyatt
    Thank you
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  14. truelies
    Does T1.2nd have too much Treble? Some pop singers have sibilance. The HD800 doesn't have this problem on same CD.
  15. Me x3
    T1.2 and HD800 have a different treble response.
    HD800 has more presence in the 6kHz region while T1.2 has more presence near the 8kHz region.
    Depending on your sensitivity and your recordings one might be perceived brighter that the other (or vice versa)

    T1.2 is significantly warmer than HD800 in the lower midrange and bass.
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