New Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Generation)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jan meier, Aug 1, 2015.
  1. kman1211
    No problem, the DT 1990 or Amiron Home's are very good alternative's to the T1 sound wise, they are warmer, darker, and have more bass to them than the T1.2. The DT 1990 is on the energetic and vivid side, not quite T1 vivid though. The DT 1990 has some very nice impact to it's dynamics. The Amiron Home is more relaxed sounding. The DT 1990 would probably work the best due to it's fit being more to your liking and no adjusting/bending of the headband, etc. required.
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  2. Arghavan
  3. xLoud
    How this is compared to focal elear in term of sound quality and signature?
  4. MTMECraig
    The quality seems to be the same for me in regards to detail retrieval. The Elear will might make the details more difficult to pay attention to due to its warmer sound sig.

    The Elear has a punchy sound and also smaller sound stage, resulting in a more intimate presentation to the sound.

    In regards to the highs mids and lows, I would have to A/B them to give more opinion. That's just off the top of my head for both
  5. Mark R-S
    The Elear sounds slow and muddled in comparison to the T1. The Elear certainly has more bass, but the T1's bass sounds faster and has more impact. The mids on the T1 are slightly recessed, but the Elear has big hollow in the upper mids. The T1 has more forward treble than the Elears, while the Elears are a warmer-sounding headphone. The T1s are certainly more detailed than the Elears. I've owned the T1s and Elears, and I've also auditioned the Utopias. I would say that the T1s are more similar to the Utopias than to the Elears.
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  6. supervisor
    thank you for this comparison!
  7. xLoud
    I was bit confused between LCD2, Elear and T1. Looks like T1 2nd gen is the headphone I was looking for.
    I have ifi micro iDSD silver, any amp suggestion for T1?
  8. Turrican2
    The micro idsd has a decent amp section, it'll drive the t1s. What's your budget?
  9. xLoud
    Something around 300$
  10. Turrican2
    I used the iFi ican in combination with the idsd, its class a and I thought it was better than the idsd amp section alone. Also consider the beyerdynamic a20. Recommend attending meets or taking your cans to shops to audition if possible. I've settled for the rme adi-pro 2 but that is considerably more than your budget, best pairing I've heard with the t1.2 hands down. Might also look out for a used Elise tube amp, might get lucky, it's a great tube amp for the t1s


    Might be out of your price range, sorry. I'm sure there are other tube options, Elise is the only one I tried with the t1, was really impressive pairing.
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  11. ostewart
    The cheaper Feliks Espressivo also works wonders with the T1 and T1 2nd generation, but don't really come up for sale 2nd hand often :)

    I say this as it's a bit cheaper than the Elise :D
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  12. adydula
    Schiit Vahalla 2 for $349.....excellent with the T1' favorite for these cans over the 9 amps I have....
  13. MTMECraig
    Elemental Watson might be a good way to see if you want to get into tubes and rolling for that matter. I'm listening to it now and I like that it can keep the speed of the T1, and also the bass stays tight... probably because its a tube hybrid. listening to it and the Chord Mojo now. amps $250.

    Anyone out there check out "Rakim" (live remastered) on Tidal. listening to this combo now and its excellent!
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  14. supervisor
    Craig what are your thoughts on T1.2 vs DT1990?
  15. MTMECraig
    you know what, I never got to hear the DT1990 :frowning2: We have so many Beyers here I had to look at our stock to double check if we had one even boxed up. we sold a lot of our Beyer demos to get different new stock in.

    I recently had a convo with someone through PM (2 weeks ago) asking me about them versus the Elear. I couldn't give them any input on them either ha.

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