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NEW: Audio-Technica ATH-ESW11LTD

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  1. uelover
    I placed a pre-order for this headphone as well. There is a demo set over here so I did a short listen.
    I did not spend that much time on listening to give any accurate account for the sound but one thing for sure is that the mids is very nice (unlike the ES10).
    Upon first sight and touch, the ESW11LTD is very similar to the ESW9 - the construct, the weight, as well as the color of the wood.
    On closer examination, the first thing I noticed is that the surface of the wood of the cup is matte. The texture is similar to that of the W5000 and the wood is very very refined. The leather on the headband and the earpad are now thicker, softer, and is of better quality. The 53mm driver makes the cup bigger and as a result, is much more comfortable to wear since the clamping force are now more evenly spread out as compared to the ESW10JPN/ESW9. This, together with the improvised headband and earpad, worked out to make the headphone very comfortable to wear.
    After some moments with the ESW11LTD, I find it to exude an aura of a quiet elegance. Its design does not scream at you. It does not sport that Echizen lacquer finish that will catch anyone's attention. Yet, it is classy and elegant.
    Another very nice limited edition collection from Audio-Technica.
  2. Butler
    Yeah but guys, JAPANESE GHOST WALNUT.

    It has to be 800 bucks, ITS MADE OF GHOST TREES.
    kiteki likes this.
  3. countolaf
    I'm not sure if the lambskin earpads of ESW9 were used here, it seems like the construction aside from the wood is more reminiscent of the ES10. I personally feel they should've used the same stuff as ESW9 but that's just me. :)
  4. Mad Max
    Perhaps you meant demon walnut?
    Edit: link correction
  5. Xymordos
    That sounds like a damn cool tree...
  6. retrophonic
    You can see the differences between the two finishes in this photo, the headbands are also different.

  7. seekadds
    Nice photo retro. I am counting the days to release. 
  8. MuppetFace
    The reference to "ghost walnut" actually comes from AT's own product description. Dunno if that's the same as the demon walnut and just a translation issue or what.
    Very excited about these as well. I wonder what the actual production run size will be?
  9. uelover
    As of AT's Japan website, it reads:
    鬼胡桃 was actually translated and read simply as 'Japanese Walnut' via katakana in the parenthesis.
    The meaning of the Kanji itself 鬼 (oni) can easily refer to ghost, demon, or anything of those.
  10. Mad Max
    "Demon" walnut sounds cooler.  [​IMG]
    I like the look of ESW9's cups more.
  11. uelover

    Once you have both in your hand, I guess you may switch side [​IMG]
  12. Ronald Lee
    i took the leap of faith and pre ordered it with my local dealer. now i shall wait...
  13. seekadds
    Reviews from brave folks like you, along with the realization of the anticipated price drop, will determine whether or not I drop some bills for this bad boy.
  14. driver 8
    Preordered a pair from Price Japan.
    I like red things.
  15. kamikazi
    i place a pre-order as well.
    How much price drop gonna be,
    i love woods and ath
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