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NEW: Audio-Technica ATH-ESW11LTD

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  1. Bill-P
    PriceJapan.com says that's $717 to US and Canada. Looks like they are taking tax, or the extra $100 is for shipping.
  2. cky8
    There is 5% fee added on top of the price, and the minimum fee is 4000 yen + shipping. You get to see the final price immediately.
  3. Bill-P
    Oh, okay, so I guess the extra $100 is indeed for tax and shipping.
    Dang, I really want to jump on the ESW11, but I'm just afraid that it'll sound too familiar to the ES10 with lambskin pads, and then the rest of the decision would come down to whether I prefer the titanium cup or the wood cups.
    If they used the same wood and finish as W1000X, it would have been a much easier decision.
  4. seekadds
    Waiting for this to happen....I can't justify the $700+ current price, let alone the pair on fleabay for $1200 lol. Someone in Singapore come bring me a pair please. [​IMG]
  5. uelover
    It doesn't sound similar to the ES10. I have heard the demo unit.
  6. shigzeo Contributor
    I am hoping that the upper end clarity is similar. The only thing I dislike about the ES10 is the closed sound and the fact that the headphone leaks sound out and in more than some other portable phones. Otherwise, perfection for me. 
  7. bizkid
    A japanese reviewer from the fujiya avic blog wrote that the ESW11 has a clear sound so i think it will be more similar to the W3000ANV than the other ATs.
  8. Bill-P
    I believe you. ES10 with lambskin ear pads also doesn't sound similar to the original ear pads. Something about the lambskin pads causes the sound signature to clean itself up while retaining the same thickness/weight.
    How did the demo unit sound?
  9. retrophonic
    I found a few more photos of the ESW11LTD, I can't wait for the reviews to start coming in.
  10. dallan Contributor
    I have Ed8, esw9 and es10s, and although i really like the AT's, no they are not in the same league in my book by any stretch of the imagination.  Now if you are talking about the W3000anv it's a different story.[​IMG]
  11. GL1TCH3D
    My ESW11LTD have already shipped!
    Can't wait to get them here in Canada >.<

    I'll be sure to post my impressions as soon as I get them.

    Unfortunately the only other AT cans I've tried are the a900x and the esw9 (which a lot of people in this thread are talking about so I guess it'd be a good point of comparison).

    I've also tried the ED8 recently and owned the T5p in the past so I'll be able to compare to the flagship portable headphones.
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  12. cky8
    Well I did my pre-order at PriceJapan. I haven't received a shipping notification yet so I will have to be patient. It seems to me these cans are even harder to get by compared to W3000ANV release.
  13. Hiyono
    I emailed PriceJapan earlier asking about how soon then can ship if I ordered.  They said they will be getting more stock on 11/22. 
  14. geared2play
    going to wait for the price to go down to 40k yen(500USD) mark. It is already at 45k yen(roughly 575USD) on amazon.co.jp
  15. Randius
    The initial batch of ESW11 finished production only around a week ago and now starting shipping out. I will only be getting mine next week :frowning2:
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