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NEW: Audio-Technica ATH-ESW11LTD

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  1. MuppetFace
    Ear Suit W11LTD
    Not sure how legit this is, as it looks identical to the ESW9 aside from the text "limited edition" on the cups. Could be a place holder from the actual thing.
    I say this because Audio-Technica has very specific parameters for the names they employ. For instance all "Japan" models get the lacquer finish (ESW10JPN, W11JPN, W2002). The latter doesn't have the name in the title, but on the cup it says "Japan." For the limited edition models, they've typically used a more natural, un-finished blonde type wood (W10LTD, W11R, and those limited clip-ons whose name escapes me). Thus I'd expect this to be in blonde wood.
    Either way, this is GOOD news! The ESW10JPN is still one of the best on-ears around IMO.
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  2. ayaflo
    wow looks crazily good ... 
  3. Dyaems
    oh no my wallet =(
  4. bizkid
    53mm drivers portable limited edition... finally it's here. Been waiting since the ES10 :wink:
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  5. allyl
    The japanese forums say (speculate?) that these will be 63000 Yen, or uh, just about $800. Pretty expensive for a portable.
    The ES700, which is a new release as well is in the neighborhood of $230
    Most concerningly, the AD2000x (successor to the AD2000) seems to be stated as $1050. As someone who is quite interested in a pair, that brings sad, sad tears to my eyes.
  6. bizkid
    Streetprice in japan is always alot lower even shortly after release.
  7. allyl
    That would be welcome news. Release date for all of these seems to be pegged for 11/16 on Japanese forums (to the best of my understanding).
  8. MuppetFace
    The price will come down. Consider that the W3000ANV can be had now for just shy of $1k. Importers like AudioCubes will likely charge the full MSRP, but PriceJapan will likely have it for less.
    I predict something in the neighborhood of $600. Hopefully less.
  9. elnero

    As far as I've been able to tell it was only two retailers who had lower prices on the W3000ANV's and it's since gone up to $1,100. Hopefully Beach Camera gets these and has a decent deal on them, I'd be tempted to try them but not at anywhere near the price that's been stated.
  10. MomijiTMO Contributor
    I have been gone for a while but when I saw news of a limited EarSuit, I almost jumped out of my chair. However these kinda look like normal ESW9s... Where's my sexy lacquer? I guess I'll have to wait for some better images before I snap one up.
  11. MuppetFace
    I'm a bit surprised by how much they look like the ESW9 as well. Given their designation, I was expecting a lighter blonde wood with a natural finish, as with all of AT's past "Limited" headphones. This info was leaked, and it hasn't been officially announced yet, so who knows.
    Hopefully they'll sound at least as good as the ESW10JPN. The past "Limited" headphones in AT's lineup have all been on the more neutral side in terms of the way they're voiced. Neutral by AT standards, at least.
  12. Xymordos
    It uses Black Walnut wood, wonder how that'll affect the sound. I realized buying ATH wood headphones really makes you not want to sell them. They're simply an amazing piece of art and looks good even if you don't listen to them.
  13. nhat_thanh

    And some of them even smell GREAT!
    Really I can smell the ESW10 all day long, the W3000 also pretty nice as well.
  14. Bill-P
    53mm drivers... wood enclosure... lamb
    I can see my wallet building a bunker around itself already.
  15. bizkid
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