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NEW: Audio-Technica ATH-ESW11LTD

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  1. kamikazi
    i think it have the driver size of 53mm, and possibly the OFC6N voice coil.
    Which i think same as W1000x possibly
  2. Bill-P
    The ESW11LTD probably has a different driver even if it's the same size as ES10.
    ESW11LTD lists 44 Ohm impedance while ES10 lists 42 Ohm.
    And if my experience with ES10 with lambskin ear pads is any indication, then the soundstage of ESW11LTD will be enormous for a portable. 
  3. mrAdrian
    read a source saying that the esw11ltd uses drivers of the w3000, anyone confirm?
  4. geared2play
    IMO, guys at  audio technica are pretty lazy,too much work to design a brand new driver. Might just be better material on current designs. But we will know soon enough. 
  5. bizkid
    What makes you think that the guys at AT are lazy? I wonder why these topics always come up again when new AT headphones appear.. back then people spread rumors that the A900LTD shared the same driver as the L3000 which is just absurd having owned both. W3000ANV has 40 Ohm impedance and the 11LTD 44 Ohm so they are obviously different. Isnt it obvious that drivers need to be tuned to the circumstances of their application? Most companies with bigger product lines have similar/same looking drivers, for example Grado or Ultrasone.
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  6. Danneq
    The big question is: when will the ES11 be released? The ESW10JPN were released before the ES10. Now the ESW11LTD are about to be released...
  7. Tunster
    I really hope I can grab a pair of these in the UK. I loved my ESW9s and hoped they'd be a new version at some point. Anyone know a good exporter as I'd love to get these on release?
  8. Mad Max
    Damn they look sweet.
    Do want.
    Hope they're mid-forward in sound.
  9. ExpatinJapan
    hmm, tempting. 
    I forgot to try these at the headphone show last weekend, ugh.
  10. Mad Max
    I can't remember seeing a single headband that frickin' thick before.  I will laugh if ES700 turns out to be uncomfortable.
  11. cky8
    I have put a pre-order at PriceJapan. Another limited woody to add to my collection next to W3000ANV! [​IMG]
  12. RAFA
    Do you have photos posted of that headphone show?
  13. MuppetFace
    PriceJapan says these are due out around mid-November (the 15th is the target date AFAIK). You can reserve one if you pay in full.
    Came out to be over $700 USD with shipping. Yikes. I put in my order however.
    That's about what the ESW10JPN was when it first came out, too. It dropped in price afterward however.
  14. shsh
    For people in Singapore, you can preorder them at Stereo for 638 SGD = 523 USD. Just preordered mine.
  15. seekadds
    From the Singapore HardwareZone forums, a user who demoe'd these and compares these to ATH-ES(W)10 writes "Both exhibits similar sound, with ESW11's bass extend further down compare to ESW10. The bass has more oomph but is controlled, unlike the ES10 which I find to be overwhelming."
    As a lover of sub-bass, I hope this is generally accurate. The $700+ pre-order price to too much to swallow though. I can almost get a pair of LCD 2's for that much. $523 is more reasonable. I hope they can be had in the U.S. for under $500!
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