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NEW: Audio-Technica ATH-ESW11LTD

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  1. kamikazi
    that's look kind a ESW9, but i expect something much more better with that price.
  2. TheMiddleSky
    I think the eleven should be has bigger cup size, and I really hope it's true because it will add the comfort level. Still, the design is very-very really like ESW9! 
  3. ss2625
  4. Haonan

    Just sharing some Audio-technica girl models with all Head-fiers, holding onto the ESW11LTD's in their finest glory. To be frank with you guys, after seeing the Echizen Urushi treatment on the ESW10JPN's, it's very hard for me to get stoked by the ESW11LTD as it's overall design is the same as the ESW9, which I currently own as well. Still I will try to report back my own findings about them if I ever do get a chance to get down to listening them, once their test units are available over here in Singapore. :xf_eek:
  5. Lorspeaker
    53  INCHes   ............... gonna be a blasssssst!!!!!!!![​IMG]
  6. geared2play
    ESW11LTD is actually quite different from ESW9. Coloring scheme they look alike. But ESW11LTD uses the 53mm driver that ES10 uses, and the head band is actually from ES10 as well. This could be a warmer sound ES10.
    Amazon pre-order price is already down 49800, I would expect the price to go down furthure into the mid- 30k yen range. To me, it is kinda let-down, since I was expecting ESW11JPN with Echizen Urushi.
  7. dallan Contributor
    Same drivers as the ES10?  Okay so it is an upgraded esw9 with ES10 drivers.  That is interesting, wish i hadn't just bought the ES10s a few months back but here is the saving grace for me, does it have lambskin earpads like the esw9 because my only real gripe with the ES10's is the earpads are pleather.  If the esw11 has lambskin i may be able to buy the pads eventually and replace the ones on the 10s.  Please let it be so!
  8. dallan Contributor
    Tried to find out.
    Dear Sirs,

    I have an interesting request for a part that may take a while to obtain.  I would like to try to order earpads for the new release of the esw11 whenever they are availible.  Long of it below.


    I have a pair of ES10s and a pair of esw9's.  There is a new release coming, the esw11 that uses the same size driver as the ES10s.  The esw9's have very comfortable earpads made of lambskin but the ES10s have horribly uncomfortable pleater earpads. So here is my question, will it be or is it possible to order a pair of esw11 earpads, which I assume will be lambskin like their little brother the esw9, so i can replace them on the ES10s.

    Sorry if i made a long story short, i have several AT products including the W3000anv so i am a fan but the ES10s are a little difficult to wear due to those pads and they weren't cheap to get imported from Japan(regrettably not sold in US).  


    Thanks for your help,

    Here was the response.
    There is a 3 to 6 month lag time between the introduction of a new product and the availability of parts. We do not have parts for the ATH-ESW11 at this time. Check back after the first of the year. Thanks.

    Parts and Repair Coordinator


  9. MuppetFace
    I'm honestly disappointed by the appearance of the ESW11LTD as well (yes, yes... all about the music, focusing on aesthetics is shallow, blah blah). I was expecting lighter wood like the other Limited models. Instead they give it the reddish wood of the Sovereign line.
    Seriously... making them look identical to the ESW9 is just weird and goes against precedent.
  10. MuppetFace
    I would have LOVED this to look more like the EW9-NR. It was a very limited version of their wooden clip-ons, and like all of their "Limited" models featured lighter wood:
    IMHO that is what the wood on the ESW11LTD should ook like.
  11. dallan Contributor
    Yeah, gotta say i agree, i would have rather gone with the esw10jpn model look myself for the 11's.  I skipped that one and always regretted it.  Every now and then you have to let one go by but that one would have been really nice to have.  
  12. Bill-P
    Thanks for the information, dallan. I had thought about the possibility of a lambskin earpad for the ES10 as well, but didn't know I could ask for the part from Audio Technica.
    Considering I really like how my ES10 sounds like, I'll definitely hound Audio Technica throughout 2013.
  13. dallan Contributor
    Teamwork my friend.  If we work together with a couple of ES10 owners in Jan or Feb we may be able to use the leverage to get them.
  14. Bill-P
    Sounds like a plan. [​IMG]
    Let's make them regret not including lambskin earpads for our dear ES10's!
  15. RAFA
    I am getting nerdgasms here [​IMG].
    The ESW11 has a 53mm 44 Ohm driver and the ES10 has a 53mm 42 ohm driver. I do not know if this is just a manufacturing difference, since these ohmages are not accurate anyway. Maybe the driver is different. I would like to have one of these and also buy the lamb skin pads for my ES10. *drool*
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