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NEW: Audio-Technica ATH-ESW11LTD

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  1. asko
    Cool. It now at the official site: http://www.audio-technica.co.jp/atj/show_model.php?modelId=2261 .
  2. MuppetFace
    Subtle differences: the writing on the cups (most obvious), different woodgrain, slightly darker color (could be the lighting), and different adjusters on the arc assembly.
  3. BoxerOrBag
    @MuppetFace, you're going to take one for the team and review it for the greater good of HeadFi community, right?
  4. MuppetFace
    Oh, I'm definitely getting one. The ESW9 and ESW10JPN are still some of my favorite portables, so I'm really looking forward to this. It's no sacrifice for me. : P
  5. HideousPride
    I enjoy the ESW9 so naturally am very interested in this one. :) Posting to keep the thread on my home page.
    Will be looking forward to your impressions ma'am!
  6. retrophonic
    This is exciting, I found a few more photos.
  7. bizkid
    The wood and the matte lacquer look pretty average, hope it's a decision made for sound and not for looks. Otherwise i'll be out and go for the AD2000x instead.
  8. lonebear27
    would be interesting to see how this compares to the ESW10JPN and whether it follows the more "natural" sounding path of the previous LTD models like what MF said.
  9. K_19
    Damn that ESW11LTD [​IMG] Really wonder how they'll sound.
    ...but I still like the Lacquer on my ESW10 better [​IMG]
  10. dallan Contributor
    53 inch drivers, like the ES10....hopefully a bit more neutral though.  Still have the esw9 from release time and recently upgraded to the es10 that has a fuller sound but a bit of subwoofer emphasis for me.  The 11 may just be what the Dr. ordered.  Now how to swing it while saving for the TH900.........
  11. Ojsinnerz
    The ESW10s were probably my favorite portable headphones ever, but the price tag is going to be physically painful to look at, no doubt.
  12. bizkid
    Yodobashi has them listed (pre-order) for 49800 Yen. Expect even better deals after the release.
  13. MuppetFace
    PriceJapan tends to have really good deals on release of new headphones. I got my TH900 for $1650 when they first came out, before they went back up to $2k. I plan to get mine there, unless I find a better deal from a reputable seller elsewhere.
  14. bizkid
    PriceJapan always looks for the cheapest source in japan, via kakaku or similar websites. Now if only the yen would get cheaper... we still have 4 weeks :D
  15. Cassadian
    Could you inform the Head-Fi community if a deal like that ever pops up?  I'm a sucker for wood.  And undecided between IE800 and this... O_O
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