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New Audio-gd R7 (R2R 7) & R8 Flagship Resistor Ladder DACs

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Currawong, Jun 30, 2017.
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  1. mocenigo
    Regarding the use of conditioners? This is indeed to be expected. Tube amps, esp. single ended, are much more sensitive to the quality of power, and that's also why they tend to have more sophisticated power supplies - not excluding the fact that they usually have less power and are often used with more sensitive speakers, so each pollution from the power supply, at the same level, has higher impact than with other configurations.

  2. abartels
    Tube amp SHOULD be LESS sensitive, at least, when using a tube instead of diodes as rectifier..........

    And, not to be picky, but I suppose the amp below could gain from a good mainsfilter too......

  3. mocenigo
    In theory, but not all have the power supplies they deserve :)

    Why? Just curious.

  4. abartels
    Because windcar said Class-D would not be that sensitive for mainsfiltering, i think he means that most Class-D amps are (in his opinion) less good sounding and thus less sensitive for good clean mains.
    The Bruno Putzeys Class-D amps (Mola Mola or Kii active speakers) are of very high standard and deserve very good clean mains.

    But, I don't want to go into discussions about this subject. Clean mains always is very important for hq audio. If you can hear it depends on a lot of factors, which I really do not intend to name all.

    If you want to read some interesting stuff on how a source device, like a dac or networkplayer, can sound without connecting it to mains, read the thread below. It shows how important mains is, or how important it is to try avoiding connecting to mains :)
    The thread is about my avatar so to speak :)

  5. Currawong Contributor
    Some differences are subtle -- not things that are always immediately apparent. Funny story about power conditioning: I bought a few devices, including a Silver Circle Audio Juice Box Jr from another HF'er and experimented with it. At one point I plugged my computer into it and carried on listening as usual. A week later I decided to remove it as I hadn't noticed anything significant changing. After taking it out, for the next few days, I didn't enjoy listening as much. It was as if something had changed, but I couldn't say specifically what. I hadn't changed anything else at all.

    Anyhow, back to the R2R 7, I've flashed "accurate" mode back in and then repeated the same DAC comparison I have been doing already, between it and the Yggy and Hugo 2. Interesting is how meaty and dynamic the sound is, with the Yggy sounding relaxed, and possibly a touch more nuanced in comparison. I still wish that this could be switched in and out with a jumper.
  6. FredA
    Yes, i second this. It would be a nice addition to the settings.

    Also, I would like to installl a toggle switch on the back plate to select nos or os mode, like the r2r 2 does. Anyone emailed Kingwa about this?

    What would even better is if Kingwa would offer a kit with new faceplate, switch and wire, and possibly firmware to do this. Lets make it two switches, an additional one for the accuracy option. That would be nice.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2017
  7. FredA
    Did you see the Yggy as more relaxed with the smooth firmware?
  8. Currawong Contributor
    I feel the Yggy is "drier" compared to the regular, "smooth" firmware. With the "accurate" firmware, distortion in the music seems less welcome.
  9. FredA
    IMO, the smooth version is more forgiving and more than accurate enough. Especially with my surgical setup.
  10. Wynnytsky
    well said

    Yeah ever since I installed "smooth" I've been dialing the amp&wires in the direction of ultra revealing. I'd probably reverse some of that if I installed "accurate" again.

    Speaking of buzz, my speakers are passive and and sometime the left speaker gets a buzz. This started long before I got the R2R7 and it's still quieter than the idle buzz I've heard from many amps I've tried at my place. The funny thing is I can remove the speaker cable and the buzz continues which made me think my xover network (20lbs, 3 pieces per side) was acting as an antenna, but within 15min the buzz stops abruptly. And because this happened at least twice before I would assume that's the discharge period for the caps/coils in my left xover. 15min is a long time to troubleshoot so if it happens again after Halloween then that eliminates a seasonal haunting and I'll start looking at the autoformer jumpers on my xover (I've been told I've got the midrange resistance too low for the xover's current "swamping resistor")
    drez likes this.
  11. Wynnytsky
    apparently not well at all!

    So tonight I solved my speaker channel buzz (left channel louder than right) which lasts 15min after removing speaker wires.
    Yesterday I moved the HDPlex LPS from the PLC Thingee over to it's own regenerative bank on the PSAudio P3 (2nd plug was empty)
    When I reversed that change my horns were once again quieter than a sea shell.

    I've been warned once before about HDPlex PSU's and after using a few of them I would rate them as mid-fi. A speaker 10dB less efficient wouldn't have heard what I was trying to kill.
    I had a 100watt HDPlex that let was like a stethoscope on my computer -- every bit of USB, SSD, and ethernet IO was audible out my speakers. The fix for that one was to simply lift the ground (dang - forgot to test that on my 200watt unit before moving it off the P3)
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  12. FredA
    Good to know.

    Anyone with experience with the Consonnance d-linear 15 conditioner?
  13. decapitate85
    Today the R2R 1 balanced dac was presented on the website. I bought it (before adventuring in the R2R 7, I preferred to test the "small" version first).
  14. Wynnytsky
    nice - the price between them is so close that the R2R2 doesn't make sense

    your also getting 4 DA modules.
    are all 4 being used all the time, or is each module dedicated to a single output (2rca, 2xlr)?
    (no question is a stupid question, if your a software guy asking about hardware)

    (R2R1 on the left, R2R2 on the right)
    R2R1 claims 2dB better S/N, but just looking below 1200hz I see a 10 to 20db improvement
    From 1000hz I see the same number of peeks on both, but they're distributed differently
    R2R 1 vs 2.png
  15. FredA
    Good. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2017
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