R2R DA M1 Ultracap powered build

  1. bballas
    I want build my r2rdac,without transformers,with ultracapacitor.Only i2s inputs.Maybe need some help.
    Any suggestion?
  2. bballas
    some components alredy finished,waiting the r2rmodul......
  3. bballas
    WP_20170305_17_36_19_Pro.jpg  ​
    life with transformers not so easy
  4. bballas

    IPPS-independent perfect power ​supply works perfectly
    I find the name of my Dac: R2R Detonator dac
    analog output stages: 101d tubes........
  5. bballas
    [​IMG] WP_20170309_09_48_41_Pro.jpg

    ​Detonator dac ....
  6. bballas
    Test,sound better than nos7
  7. bballas
  8. bballas
  9. gikigill
    Looking good mate, how about a case now? I'm interested in possibly building one.
  10. bballas
    With Nfb1 output stages works fine,but no place for power boards.Also need 2 rail uptone audio Lps1 or DIY capacitor supply.not easy.Better choice old Nfb7 or tube output stage.I have one empty m7 chassis,not decided yet witch stages would be better...
  11. gikigill
    How much would it cost to build?
  12. Moochibond
  13. bballas
    Now not to much,if I want better output stages,......
  14. bballas
  15. bballas
    More neutral,better details,better mid and much real presentation.only soundstage not wider,not deeper,

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