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Neutral sounding ear buds, not IEMs?

  1. laradark
    Hello. I need help finding neutral sounding ear buds. I don't like IEMs because my ear canals are small and even when they do fit, they give me a massive headache every time. I know there are studio over the ear headphones, but I want something I can carry around. I don't think my expectations are that high because I usually use stock Apple Earbuds but after breaking one every 1.5 years, I want to try something else. Anyone have any recommendations. I'm hoping to spend $10-30
  2. serman005
    Not a ton of options in that price range. Maybe check out a VE Monk + and see what you think. Maybe an Edifier P180 as an alternative. It is possible one could work for you.
  3. laradark
    are there better earbuds (not IEM) in a higher price range?

    I saw the edifier p180, people say they are great until they break...i'm still considering them however...another one i saw which i guess may be an older model that someone has old stock of is
    Sennheiser MX 365 Earphones
  4. serman005
    I have not heard that Senn--sorry. I do like the Shozy Cygnus, which is one of the more expensive ones. You might check it out, too.
  5. WildStyle-R11
    I use Plantronic Backbeat Fit. They most certainly not that cheap and have their own set of problems, but these are the best earbuds I have found myself. Albeit the "Fit" is person to person dependent. The sound is pretty damn good for what it is.
  6. beyermann
    Have you used the pk3 by Yuin? they sound insanely good, I dont even get it, and they look like 5 USD chinese generic earbuds.
  7. harry501501
    Agree on Monk+

    Other neutral one i have is fiio EM3

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