1. laradark

    Neutral sounding ear buds, not IEMs?

    Hello. I need help finding neutral sounding ear buds. I don't like IEMs because my ear canals are small and even when they do fit, they give me a massive headache every time. I know there are studio over the ear headphones, but I want something I can carry around. I don't think my expectations...
  2. peter12345

    Can anyone suggest me an affordable and hight quality Sennheiser in ear bud?

    i heard its a pretty good brand and last long , i am looking for a in ear bud that is about $60 CAD maximum that could last at least half a year under the brand.
  3. garrettj94

    Looking for nice pair of Ear Buds with good bass

    I am looking for some ear buds that are good quality and noticeable bass. I am willing to spend around $100. I am using for music only
  4. zerogun

    Funny ear hole..suggestion for some earphones?

    Hi guys,   I was using a set of AT-EC700 and currently they're out of commission with a loose wire that's not feeding sound to the left ear. I'm hoping to have them fixed, but looking into the option of purchasing a new set of earphones.   So as the title suggests, I've got a funny ear...
  5. Ear Bud Stereophones

    Ear Bud Stereophones

    The KEB/24 is lightweight with an in-the-ear design for deep bass and listening to music on the go. The KEB/24 features a dynamic element that is positioned just outside the ear for extended frequency response of 15 - 20,000 Hz. The KEB/24 includes small, medium and large silicone ear cushions...