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Need some GRADO questions answered

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mpawluk91, Mar 26, 2013.
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  1. mpawluk91
    I might get the sr325is or the sr225i, I also was considering the Alessandro ms2i. My budget is around 300 and I only want one of the 3 mentioned,

    which one has the most bass?
    Which one has the shortest cable?
    Does the Alessandro have a 3.5mm plug instead of the 1/4"?

    I want to crank the metal haarrddccoorree!!!
  2. squallkiercosa
    Both Alessandro and the SR325is have a 1/4" plug

    About bass response, check innerfidelity resources, but grado are not precisely basshead headphones...

    IMO Get the sr60i instead and save some money.
  3. mpawluk91
    I'm kinda leanin toward the sr325is, I read that it has more treble than any grados. That's the only downside really but nothing major. Don't get me wrong I love treble but people are making it seem like punishment to listen to lol
  4. bbophead
    I think they all have 5' cables.
  5. Jasper9395
    I think the treble on my SR225s is already a bit fatiguing. I just cant listen to them for very long, say 90 min until I have to put them away. They are very good headphones though, lots of PRaT. 
  6. mpawluk91
    Well I'd love to save money and I have read that they all pretty much share the same sound signature, I am going to be listening to mostly rock and metal using this

    It's just that I'm already using a pretty beefy rig and I would love to take advantage of it. I just need some kind of bass to the sound and I really like what I've heard about grados midrange quality and that's another huge factor. Speed and attack
  7. mpawluk91
  8. squallkiercosa
    BTW the cable is too long for portable use and Grados are too open to use them outside.
  9. mpawluk91
    5 feet of cable is cool man that don't bother me lol I'm not tryin to win a fashion show or anything, and I mostly jam in the house but I don't really care what other people have to say if my music is too loud lol I work in the scummy projects
  10. joseph69
    The 325is has a faster tighter bass and the midrange is more forward and the highs are super crisp and detailed, and attacks!
    The MS2i has a heavier mid bass and is extended a bit more and the midrange is recessed a bit more and the highs are not as crisp and detailed, and is mellower!
    The both of these headphones are an excellent choice, one is not better than the other, only different, so it depends on your personal preferences. I really enjoyed the both of these headphones. I say this through experience with owning both of them, but I personally preferred the 325is.
    Both have 5' cable lengths with 8 conductor wire with a 1/4 terminated plug. I can live with my 325is's and be happy for the rest of my life.
    I can't comment on the 225i, I've never heard them.
  11. wolfetan44
    Its probably not 5 feet, my SR80i was 7 feet long.
  12. joseph69
    The 80i is 7' with a 1/8 terminated plug, but the 325is and the MS2i cables are 5' with 1/4 terminated plugs.
  13. stacker45
    I just saw the PS500 being called p.o.s. in another thread, so you have to take these stupid comments with a grain of salt.
    People don't seem to realize that they should be looking at the big pictrue, and the headphones are just part of it. Do the SR325i sound brighter than say, the SR225i? yes, do they sound too bright? well, not to someone who likes brighter sounding headphones. or if one's upstream equipement has a rolled off treble, in wich case, they will sound just fine.
  14. mpawluk91
    Has any of you ever heard the sr325is? If so how does it sound with heavy stuff
  15. kramer5150
    Of those 3 I liked the MS2 the most.  None of them are really bass monsters.  They all need some EQ help below ~35Hz, and stay away from bright sources and amps.
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