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Need Advice on Grados - Used RS1 vs new RS2i

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by evosam, Apr 11, 2011.
  1. evosam
    Hi all,
    Been looking at getting a new pair of Grados for a while - love this forum and it's been super valuable in research and looking at various people's comparisons.
    So I have the opportunity to either get a pre-owned pair of RS1 or get a new pair of RS2i. Difference in price is minimal - but wanted to get opinions from the forum what the best route would be.
    I've read that many feel the RS2i are more balanced than the RS1s which tend to be a little bright at times.
    Looking for some advice and opinions.
    Thanks so much
  2. kite7 Contributor
    What is the SN# on the used RS1? I'd say the RS1 below SN#3000 but above SN#500 are most likely to sound bright ; apparently the earliest version of the RS1 does not sound bright like those made around 2002. Some can sound very bright compared to the RS2i. The RS2i will never sound brighter than a ~ SN#1000 RS1; instead the RS2i has a very warm midrange and bass presence. If you want bass, go for RS2i but if you want more treble sparkle and a brighter sound then RS1 it is. RS1i/RS2i do not really sound similar to the earlier RS1/RS2 at all.
  3. svfoo123
    Have you thought about an HF2?
  4. WhiteCrow
    I just posted a mini review of the RS-2 originals, and I also listned to the RS-2i's befor buying the RS-2. They are pretty onpar, a bit brighter but honestly they were worth it.
  5. evosam
    I had thought about the HF-2 but I thought they're all sold out?..

    I saw there was one in the sales section for sale - but I think it's gone already.

    Thanks for all the advice and comments..

    Good review there WhiteCrow :)


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