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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by nomax, Sep 8, 2016.
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  1. pavi
    I've been listening to the MYSPHERE 3.2 for about 8 weeks now. My primary chain is Roon -> Schiit Yggdrasil 2 -> Eddie Current Aficionado (EML 300B mesh), though I've also listened to it out of the Woo WA5-LE premium using Takatsukis, and I've listened to it out of the Phonitor X.

    It is superb.

    The low-end, the mid-range, and the highs are wonderful - just as each ought to be with clarity, warmth, precision, authority and sheer delight. I've compared it with the other transducers I have access to: LCD-4, Utopia, Abyss 1266 phi and the 800S. Each of those headphones is amazing in its own right, but I've got to say, the MYSPHERE 3.2 is certainly the most enjoyable.

    The others aren't far behind, though - they're all truly exceptional in quite different ways, as is common knowledge, and are quite comparable to the MYSPHERE, in terms of sheer listening delight. I'd still prefer the MYSPHERE if I was limited to a single transducer. (And then the Abyss, and then the Utopia, and then the others)

    Wearing the MYSPHERE has its challenges - it took me a while to get to unconscious comfort.

    TL;DR : the MYSPHERE is wonderful!
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2018
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  2. Zhanming057
    I just put in my preorder for the Mysphere (3.2), and I'm trying to decide if I should custom build a weak-ish tube speaker amp (in 4-5w at 8 ohms ) and drive them directly from the tap or with some mild attenuation. The reason is that I might want to use the same amp to drive a pair of LCD-4's, and just from looking at the specs the 3.2's seem like they aren't the easiest thing to drive either.

    Are there any owners here that use the 3.2's with speaker taps? Does it work well with the output impedance of the taps?
  3. hrklg01 Contributor
    Hi, I'm sorry but do not have experience with this amps.
    However, MYSPHERE 3.2 is easier to drive compared to the LCD-4 because of 96dBSPL sensitivity per mW.
    BR heinz
    PS: b.t.w. Pre-orders are still welcome at www.mysphere.at but orders as well on the shop page.
  4. bosiemoncrieff
    I'm extremely curious about MySphere. I just listened to my K1000 yesterday, and although it's super interesting, the bass is just too lacking for it to stand up against KSE1500. (HD800, which can be got for ~15-20% the price, is in another price tier.) Obviously MySphere is too expensive for me to buy right now, but I'm curious about how the secondhand market will look in a year or two.
  5. prod67
    Oh... I'm not sure that these headphones will appear on the secondary market... Who bought it did it consciously. Not to try or not to sell right away.
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  6. analogsurviver
    I too think MS is not something one buys on a whim, just to try... - for those familiar with K-1000 and wanting an appreciably large improvement. At the price, unlikely to see them soon on the second hand market.
  7. bosiemoncrieff
    LCD-4 is on the used market. SR-009 is the used market. Susvara is on the used market. Chord Dave is on the used market. Abyss is on the used market.
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  8. prod67
    It does not say anything.
    All that you have listed is headphones. Habitual and understandable to many. MS something else. Unusual and individual. In addition, it's not the headphones, but the personal speaker system.
  9. Zhanming057
    It is different.

    I have Mysphere 3.2's on preorder. I've owned the K1000's. I have Focal Utopia's as well and am considering a pair of Abyss 1266 Phi's. I suspect I will want to keep the Mysphere's and the Utopia, but it's certainly possible that I might want to sell the Mysphere's, if I find the other two pairs more enjoyable.

    As with any small batch headphone, it will be difficult to secure a used pair. But people will be selling them.
  10. prod67
    Time will tell.
  11. prod67
    But if you buy MS not to try, but you understand and know why. For what styles and not for metal)))) Then in its segment is better simply not. I myself recently own MS. I also own Abyss and Utopia. They all play fine. But. Live styles and MS - it's just a 100% hit)))
  12. hrklg01 Contributor
    MYSPHERE 3 is designed to reproduce music from original instruments and voices as good as possible.
    It's not the aim to enhance anything, but to simulate ideal far field speakers.
    Those who like this, will keep it, I'm convinced. Those who search for something else might sell it somewhen...
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  13. bosiemoncrieff
    Don't misunderstand me - if I could afford it I would buy it in a heartbeat. I just can't. :sob:
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  14. pavi
    i completely agree. i cannot imagine giving up on the extraordinary fit and feel and sound of the MYSPHERE.
  15. hrklg01 Contributor
    RMAF 2018
    MYSPHERE 3 to enjoy at the stands of:
    RIVIERA - powered by AIC-10
    WOO-AUDIO - powered by WA33
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