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MrSpeakers ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow -- Inspired by Electrostatic Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Jul 14, 2016.
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  1. Mediahound

    Tyll gets paid by Mrspeakers right? They are a sponsor of his site are they not?
  2. SHAMuuu

    Maybe the statement of m50x being 95% of the mentioned can didn't sell to well as he said better to pick up the open model (ether flow) and a m50.
    Perhaps thats why he apologized b/c thats not good for business
  3. kellte2

    Tyll has gone on the record on another forum to clarify his change of heart. And to spoil the party, no, he wasn't paid off or threatened by the MrSpeakers team. The tin foil hat crowd is too much.
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  4. Badas

    Agreed. This whole Tyll review and change of mind has got boring. Whoop de bloody do! Just one review. Like the Ethers or not. Who cares. Seems like there is a lot of folk who want Tyll to choose their HP's rather than their own ears. :rolleyes:

    Meanwhile my Flows open are hitting my buttons. I thought when I first got mine that they were burn't in. After asking my mate who I purchased them from it seems they only had 30-50 hours on them. He got the Utopia at the same time and admits that got all the attention. I'm sure my Flows have opened up. Soundstage has improved. I really like the soundstage. Not too wide, not too forward. Just the right depth with great instrument separation. Loving the vocals and I'm fairly sure the treble has sweetened up as well. Never gets sparkly or sibilant.

    Flows and tubes just work. So many magic moments. However sounds fab with the V281 as well.

    When I first got I liked but I thought they wouldn't suit all music. My mind is changing.
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  5. Muinarc
    Indeed, it's a sad state of affairs around the internet how people hang on to every word. There are people here on head-fi that have "I just got into high end audio where do I start?" threads only a year or so old, and they're already doing reviews like their expertise is the end all be all. Then those of us who have been in the hobby for decades have our opinions ignored. Oh well, it's just the nature of the beast I guess.
    My flows are sounding really good lately, been doing so A/B comparo's with the K812 to some pretty interesting results.
  6. Badas

    Yeah! When I first got into the hobby (3 years ago) I would read members comments and think "I just can't hear what they are talking about" all those suttle sound discriptions. It actually takes time to learn and train your ears. Then suddenly it clicks. I can now pick up on a lot. What a tube amp sounds like compared to SS and even what a good and bad tube sounds like. Good and bad DAC's. Then eventually what I like as a HP. New members should be a little patient.

    Also there is only one set of ears to please. Your own. There is no right or wrong sound. Choose what your ears like. Don't trust reviewers ears. Reviewers and members should only be a guide only.
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  7. RCBinTN
    Whoop de bloody do!  LOL - love it!!
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  8. Jazic
    I actually had a pair of the Ether C Flow on order. I was wanting to change my order to the regular open flow even tho I wanted closed.

    Anyways, I talked with Dan himself directly and he talked me into keeping C Flow order. They arrived yesterday and boy are they something special. I don't want to say too much until I give them more head time but so far I'm in love.
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  9. GU1DO
    Hi ,,

    Your comment interested me regarding the comparison between the Flow and the k812
    i am coming from the TH-900 world ,, so bass quality and sound stage is very very important to me ,,
    i like the fostex cans , but after using the Focal Elear ,, i knew now how tonally the TH-900 is inaccurate
    Elear are perfect sounding cans but it lack bass and sound stage and does not provide the musicality
    or the realesm of live recordings , in another words they are boring and lifeless with heavy treble rolloff
    which is the opposite to TH900,
    After searching the past weeks ,,I narrowed my choices to k812 (or k872),  Flow (or C Flow)
    can you elaborate more about your finding ,, any further notes will be very helpful ,,
    Sorry for the long reply but really i was looking for some one have in depth & fresh listening to these models ,,
    Thank you for all the help you can provide ..
  10. sbradley02
    Has anyone who has done the ETHER C to C Flow upgrade regretted it?
    Can the C tuning pads be used with the C Flow?
  11. ChrisIsAwesome
    This wait is killing me :frown:
    Galaxy s7 + stock earbuds dont do music justice.

    Has anyone tried their ethers with the chord hugo tt? I found the hugo to be linear, lacking 3d imaging and sounds like an emulation of vinyl.
    But they still fit my criteria of being tranportable on battery.

    Way to damage a good thread guys, with cables and conspiracies.
  12. Mediahound

    I was going to order the Ether C Flow but then watched Tyll's review and then decided to instead purchase 14 Audio-Technica ATH-M50x's. 
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  13. buke9
    Well at 95% you only needed 2.
  14. Jazic
    I was in the same boat but decided to go ahead and get them. In the past I've owned the LCDXC and currently own the SRH1540. I've also had the Alpha Prime and all were good but not great. The Ether C Flow is great.

    There is a review at headphone guru that gives them a positive review.

    I really think Tyll's review came off more harsh than it meant to.
  15. Jazic

    Most everyone here favors the MOJO. I have one but haven't given it a go on the c flow yet.
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