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MrSpeakers ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow -- Inspired by Electrostatic Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Jul 14, 2016.
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  1. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I just have to ask, how can something be perfect sounding, and yet you describe it with very negative characteristics? Wouldn't a perfect sounding headphone for you not have those issues?
  2. buke9
    Scratching head.
  3. doraymon
  4. GU1DO
    Hehe ,,  i meant the tonality of the Elear are perfect .. but still the execution is not that good ,
    TH900 or LCDX technically are superior , but these cans add there signature to the sound
    Elear doesnt add anything  which is a good thing ,, but lack in areas i mentioned before ..
  5. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Gotcha, thanks for the clarification, cheers.
  6. buke9
    Sorry but that was still bull crap.
  7. Dulalala
    You mean to say the Elear are tonally neutral? I'm sorry but I completely disagree there. Also the LCDX doesn't sound technically superior, at least to my ear, than the Elear. 
  8. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Yes from everything I read the Elear is far from neutral, musical perhaps, but neutral? Not from what I'm reading. Almost bought the Elear but opted for the Sony Z1R instead which I'm still waiting on.
  9. heliosphann
    I used to own one, and lets just say any headphone that numerous people reference as a Super 650 is not neutral.
  10. buke9
    Haven't heard the Elears just the Utopia's so can't say for sure but the description was making no sense to me. It's perfect but with these flaws. Shoulder shrug I don't get it sorry.
  11. Muinarc
    Hmm this is tough, you have some very specific needs, the kinds of things you would only really know if you tried them yourself. I'm only a few days into an a/b back and forth with my k812 and open Flow, so my impressions are subject to change.
    What I found surprising is just how close these sound, maybe it's the Harman curve, who knows. For me it validated that I really know what I like in a headphone because I ended up keeping 2 that are a lot more similar than different.
    What I can say: They're both fairly neutral to me (everyone has their own definition of what that means). I guess the HE1k and Utopia would be even more neutral but I kind of find those two boring sounding. I need at least a little engagement. When you swap from the k812 to the Flow, the first thing I notice is the Flow is a more intimate sound, the stage is smaller and the vocalist sounds more "in the room with you" than "I'm at a concert/venue". The k812 is more spacious I guess, moves things further away. Which is more correct? I cannot say, I wasn't at the recording sessions, most vocals are recorded in a booth at close range, could be the Flow is more accurate but the k812 is what we want to believe? The bass is an area of concern for you, they both have it, I wouldn't say in spades though, not like a TH900 at least. The k812 has weird bass, it's there but lacking texture I guess, the Flow seems like less low bass to me, but stronger lower mids and upper bass, great for rock. In the treble they seem extremely similar to me, pretty smooth and all the detail I could want, I tested some sibilance tracks and the Flow was bordering closer to being sibilant than the k812 surprisingly to me, but neither failed and my ears were spared.
    Anyway I try not to cement my personal feelings as the whole truth, but I hope my experiences can help you at least a little. The K812 got a bum rap when it was released but it really is a great headphone.
    GU1DO likes this.
  12. Middy
    A nice tick in the box on Part time Audiophile...Scott's crew like them.
    Another badge for the website. Gratz

  13. musicday
    Been playing music from DAB+ radio on the Ether C Flow for 80 hours now..Things have changed and everything has improved from bass, mods and highs.Also i can here a better separation and clarify in the music.Just be patient guys,the burn in it takes time but is really worth it.
  14. GU1DO
    Not sure what you mean neutral ,, but for my ears Elear is very close to the LCDX ,,
    both are neutral to more worm full body sounding .
    LCDX , TH900 , never ever distort with high volume, you feel there power without any hiccups ,, (HiFi headphones)
    Elear distort and click  with very low bass and high volume ,, treble is lowered by design to hide this distortion
    this is why i said its inferior to them ,,  its more MidFi ,, like TH-X00 or HE-400.
    When a headphone is dry and missing imaging with relaxed and laid back sound , its not musical to me..
    waiting for your review about the Sony Z1R ,, i think you made the correct choice.
    hope you enjoy it ..
    Really i am thankful for all the input and your time to share  ,, it was very helpful ,, i hope for me and others as will ,, 
    probably i will get both and keep what i like ,, i think 812 (872) will be the keeper just for the sound stage,,
    Thanks again ..
  15. Dulalala
    Neutral as in according to the Harman curve.
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