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MrSpeakers ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow -- Inspired by Electrostatic Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Jul 14, 2016.
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  1. beowulf

    With musicality as priority, adding impactful bass, I'm definitely thinking of something...
  2. sbradley02
    Still waiting for my upgrade notice.
    With my ETHER C, no matter what I do with my stack allows me to dispense with a single black pad. I would prefer having it flat, but with no pads the high end is just a tad too aggressive.
    Have folks who have gone through the upgrade found themselves changing tuning as a result?
  3. bytor33

    I always needed 1 black pad with the C's as well but the C Flows are perfect for me flat.
  4. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Cables should be the ABSOLUTE LAST thing you consider as a sound tweak, rock bottom of the barrel last, IMO. A DAC or an amp has a chance of improving the sound, cables, well ....
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  5. nigel801
    Has anyone own previously a Beyerdynamic T5P or has done comparisons with Ether C
  6. RCBinTN
    +1 on the Wywires Red.  They are great HP cables.  Really open up the sound.  I have the Wywires Platinum for my Flow as a beta tester for Alex.  The SQ is just great.  
    Alex is an interesting chap.  To order, you need to call him and describe your situation: rig, HP's, music and etc.  Then, he will make you the right cable for your situation.
    IMO, you won't go wrong with either the Red or the Platinum.
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  7. musicday
    Just got my Ether C Flow from highendworkshop UK ,Mark was the one who helped me out.
    Really nice guy,very helpful with all my enquiries.
    Now burning with music in FM radio and once i get to 200 hours i will decide if to change the stock cables.
    Anyway this is a fantastic pair of headphones,but let i will get into detail about the sound.
    Happy Christmas everyone.
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  8. bytor33

    I owned them both at the same time for a while. The Ether C was missing some of the midbass crunch for metal/hard rock but overall I preferred it over the T5P. Ether C sounded more transparent with a bigger soundstage and more detail.
  9. doraymon

    Interesting... can you tell me what was your rig when you compared them?
    DAC? Amp?
  10. bytor33
    I'm just an office listener at work so all I use is the Chord Mojo.  I was using a Hifi M8 for a long time but then got the Mojo last year shortly after I picked up the Ether C's.  Honestly I probably would have been really happy with the T5P's with the Mojo (sounds much better than the M8) if I didn't hear the Ether C's. The Ether C's were my first planars though so I became infatuated of course.  Everything just sounds much more clean and separated. 
    Now with the C Flows I'm loving the sound even more, but they're just not quite as comfortable for me as the original C's.  I'm not sure if it's the weight, more clamping force, or what, but it seems to make my left ear/side of my face congested.  Maybe the new electrostatic pads would help with that.  I'm willing to try the Z1R's though to see if they're more comfortable, but I can't see myself liking the sound with those as much from everything I've read.  For poorly mastered/bright recordings they'd probably be great with their warmer signature, but with well-mastered stuff the C Flows sound phenomenal to me with the perfect balance. 
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  11. emptymt
    I think it's the pad problem being new, so it's not being broke in enough. or maybe the leather, since it is a different type of leather.
  12. musicday
    Thank you Dan, you have created a fantastic headphone.Finally got my own Eyher C FlowCan't wait once the burn is done to listen to high quality music and try movies too.
    Did anyone used the Ether C Flow for movies yet?After how many hours did you hear a chance in the sound?
  13. m8o
    Is going back to the original pads an option? Not meaning the exact ones you had, rather another pair of the old style.

    When I send mine in for upgrade I'm going to request holding on to my pads.
  14. husafreak
    I'm listening to my Flows a lot, it is going to take 100% effort for a few years to get through all my music!
    Personally I am not getting a big change due to break in in. I shouldn't as I believe they get 60 hours at the factory... Granted I'm not listening to the same songs over and over, these headphones are too good at revealing nuances never experienced to hold them back. I just listened to the original Black Sabbath album last night, among other stuff. That was like my first album I ever bought and I've played all those songs on my guitars over the years too. Did it sound fresh? Yup. Did I get a better feel for what the boys were laying down than I ever have before? Yup. Did it freak me out just a little to get so close to something that special? Why yes it did!
    I am starting to really see the light now about headphone listening. It really is a bit more intimate than a big home stereo speaker setup. It's a different and really viable way to experience music. No longer relegated to a second class of listening, for when I can't enjoy my main system. But rather an equal partner in sound reproduction.
    I imagine there are lots of cans that can do this but yeah, you have to pay to play at this level. I now consider these a good value.
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  15. kejar31
                       Is there a chance we can get a picture of what these pads will look like.. Kinda curious about the hole size and shape... Will the angle be the same as on the original flow pads? 
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