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MrSpeakers ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow -- Inspired by Electrostatic Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Jul 14, 2016.
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  1. Muinarc
    If they are the same as what I saw at RMAF, they're quite similar in shape to what you would see on a K-series AKG. just a round doughnut shaped ear pad. I don't remember them being angled however.
  2. beowulf
    The Z1R are like sleeping on a cloud and make the 800 feel uncomfy. They're not that dark or smoothed out on the high end, and definitely have no problems switching between a Callas mono recording from 1950 to something masterfully engineered like Macy Gray on Chesky or <insert your favorite>
    But back to the EFC, it might simply be headband clamp. If that is the case you can probably get them comfortable after a few nights of the pillow-hugging-trick.
  3. Rowethren

    Does that work? I would have thought that the use of Nitinol would prevent that working as it "remembers" it's shape but I could be wrong.
  4. beowulf

    I'm not a materials engineer but it should work, at least temporarily. The Z1R has a beta titanium headband too and you can stretch it in a few seconds. It recovers clamp after some time (seems like days to me) but retains shape long enough.

    I guess nickel titanium, being a beta will behave in the exact same way. But if you gave it a stretch before a listening session and it was stil uncomfortable, then the reason might not be clamp force.
  5. nigel801
    Many thanks for your feedback I just bought T5P they are on their way, if I dont like them than Ethers will be next to shop, but I really like these European companies like Focal and Beyerdyamic giving 5 year warranty on their high end headphones. I got these for 1/4 of the Etther price and if they sound 90% of Ether I am happy for another year :)
  6. mrspeakers Contributor
    The NiTinol headband geometry and clamp can not be modified.  The material is called memory metal for very good reason.  Permanently deforming it is both difficult and irreversible, we do not suggest anyone try this.
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    @funCANS MrSpeakers https://www.mrspeakers.com/ info@mrspeakers.com
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  7. Muinarc
    For what it's worth, the pads on the Flow seem a little stiffer than the Ether pads did. I wear glasses so it's caused a little more discomfort but I know the pads will break in.
  8. emptymt

    you should be good as long as you like the tonality mate!
    As we all know, getting that last 10% is the hardest part and involves a lot of efforts to get it.
    I never heard the t5p or t5p second gen before, but I never heard something bad for the 2nd gen.
  9. Phoebus7
    I sincerely apologies to Dan and his colleagues for my comments, Tyll did confirmed that there was no external pressure on him to rate Ether C Flow and it was his personal preference againts the Neutrality of Ether C which resulted him making a bad call.
  10. Middy
    Respect for saying that mate...
    Have a good xmas
  11. doraymon
    It seems there is more than one in the same situation here, including myself... [​IMG]
    Waiting for the T5P 2.gen and preparing an AB with the C Flows.
  12. gelocks
    Had the T5p's... modified them as well, and I never really did like them... well I liked them but not enough to keep them. They had nice imaging and good mids but bass was very lacking and the mid-high transition... yikes... The gel pads were the saviors though. But they are extremely hard to get (AFAIK).

    Anyway, like the Flow Cs more than the T5p... but you can find the first gen pretty cheap, especially used...
  13. Currawong Contributor
    I'm not sure how it will be with your set-up, but with my Yggdrasil + Studio Six set-up the Ether Flow is to me more up-front and impactful with more mid-bass. The HE1000 V2 has less mid-bass, but you notice the deep bass and vocals more. The bass isn't strong, as the whole presentation is more electrostat-like, the sound coming more delicately and precisely, but with a degree of planar-style impact when there is sufficient bass in the track.  The HE1000 V2 is more suited, to me, to listening to something like an orchestra where you want the feeling of the big drums at the back, but don't want them to overwhelm the other instruments. The Ether Flow I prefer with more modern music where I want more "loudness", where I'd be inclined to turn the volume up too much on the HE1000 (and HD800) to try and get that, if not EQ things to be a bit darker eg: with the Soundgarden track I'm listening to as I write this.
    I haven't tried the latest LCD-2, but my early SN pair of LCD-X are darker-sounding overall than the Ether, if not the Ether Flow. 
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  14. Muinarc
    I will second that the Flow is a fantastic headphone for moderate listening volumes. It does a great job of maintaining the same signature at low and high volumes, which I cannot say for many of the high-end offerings I've demoed.
  15. pippen99
    That is precisely the problem I encountered when demoing the Senn HD800S for a week.  I was constantly adjusting the volume to maintain the same signature.  What was great during a dynamic passage was totally inadequate during a slow peaceful passage.  My ETHER(hopefully upgraded to Flow status soon) and LCD-X do not have this issue.
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