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MrSpeakers ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow -- Inspired by Electrostatic Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Jul 14, 2016.
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  1. Yoga
    Apologies if this has been addressed (I can't read all 200 pages!), has anyone compared these to the Utopias?
    Is the main difference between the open and closed the former has a better soundstage, and the latter has 'better' bass?
  2. m8o
    There is a feature of this forum I really appreciate they have and like to use. "Search this thread". Searching within this thread for 'Utopia' narrows down the posts. It's even available on the mobile site.

    I used that for this list:

    Hoping that helps. Some posts are short comments. But I read some pretty informative posts right from the 1st page's results. See posts by x RELIC x as he owns both.
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  3. husafreak
    If you can afford the Utopias may I suggest you find a dealer that carries them all and have a listen on your equipment?
    Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to be a wize as but rather, the Utopias are very expensive and these are just expensive. At this level dealers should be very supportive and the buyer very picky.
    I thought the Utopias were better than the Ether Flows but not enough to justify the added expense. I also was listening to the Flows through my equipment and music and the Utopias through a very nice Questyle headphone amp wth other music. I wasn't really serious about purchasing the Utopias but I wanted to see how the sound signatures compared. So for instance I felt the Flows had more in common with the Utopias than with the Elears. Just my 5 cents.
    On a side note I just spoke with a buddy who decided to go for it and get the Utopias, he has a vast amount of experience and decided that he may not keep them, partly because they do not pair well with his tube amp and partly because they are not that light and day different to other less expensive cans he likes. So may I suggest that you need fantastic upstream gear and great ears as well as a set of Utopias to get your money's worth.
    Finally I suggest reading pro reviews. I think Tyll on Innerfidelity did a great piece comparing these headphones.
  4. Yoga

    I should be able to get hold of the Utopias as we have a focal dealer here. The Flows will be harder to get unfortunately, being in the UK. And massively overpriced compared to the U.S. (£1700)
  5. Middy
    May be a day out to hear them Yoda down south then make a day of it with the misses or family...2 birds 1 headphone..
  6. husafreak
    That sucks about the great added expense when buying products made in SOME other countries. Here in the states certain countries can sell their products here at a great advantage over locally based companies, while we pay a premium for items and shipping from other countries. It all seems pretty random.
  7. Yoga

    Where has them in stock near you dude? I'm based in Norwich.
  8. Middy
    These 2 lovely owners are sponsoring a mini headfi meet in Milton Keynes in April. . I booked a night in the hotel the wife gets a day out shopping..
    But thier shop is meant to be out of this world for trying kit as they have more than RMAF....


    I am looking forward to my first meet.
    Mark Dolbear from electromod should fill it with Schitt gear.... I can wait to hear the Ether flow closed

  9. Yoga
    Thanis, it seems I'll have to visit them!
  10. stuart1927
    It still amazes me how badly we get ripped off in the Uk for prices on just about everything. I'm a Brit living in the US currently and have bought all my hifi gear over here. I'm heading back to the UK at the end of next year...maybe I should bring a container load of headphones back?! :)
  11. mrspeakers Contributor

    The problem with the UK and EU is VAT.  It adds 23% to imports from the US, where imports from the EU get a nominal tax entering the US.  We've worked very, very hard to try to make EU price = US + VAT + Shipping (as we can, which if very hard given currency fluctuations to boot) to keep it as low as possible, while allowing dealers to make enough margin to want to carry the product.  Please keep in mind that the "rip off" is UK taxes...
    MrSpeakers Make every day a fun day filled with music and friendship! Stay updated on MrSpeakers at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    @funCANS MrSpeakers https://www.mrspeakers.com/ info@mrspeakers.com
  12. Rowethren
    The price in the UK seems fair to me when you consider shipping and tax to be honest, I was on the fence myself to begin with but when you calculate the figures it works out pretty much bang on.

    Regarding ripoff taxes in the UK I agree that they are high but I am more than happy to pay if it means things like access to the NHS for everyone. Seems much better than a system where if you can't pay you are essential left to die but I digress probably best to not talk about politics. :xf_eek:
  13. Yoga

    Yes indeed, it's the same with all products. Frustrating!
    Stuart - sounds like a plan :¬)
  14. stuart1927
    I wasn't implying that mrspeakers was in any way responsible for marking up on price. It's the uk unfortunately with it's ridiculous tax system. We always hear that it pays for our NHS etc. etc....but last time I looked, it was in a mess, so where is all the money going? My view is that it's going to the usual 0.1% of those who own most of the wealth, and will continue to do so. Anyway....off topic I know. Just wanted to set the record straight that I do not blame mrspeakers for the situation!
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  15. Middy
    But thanks to Dan and Marks kindness I saved a packet getting the upgrade...

    Thats not Tax-ing to work out as a great deal....

    Any news on the Batch Mark sent Dan...
    Not complaining I just need to stop biting my nails and post a picture of a large actress from total recall...:blush:
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