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MrSpeakers ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow -- Inspired by Electrostatic Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Jul 14, 2016.
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  1. husafreak
    Glad to hear that. Right now I have the rare privilege of listening to a recording of my sons jr year music recital. The "Resonant Rectangles" with him on the vibraphone. What joy!
  2. emptymt
    I'm using almost the same combo as well.
    Mojo -> LC -> Ether Flow and this combo works well too! ^_^
  3. husafreak
    Nice and quiet here at the Ether Flow thread. Everyone is just chilling to their fav music no doubt!
    You know when you buy a new component and immediately go crazy listening to all your LP's and CD's again? Dang, it's like I never really heard my LP of ZZ Tp's Tejas before. Not like this! Wow.
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  4. danieldpagan
    So I received my Ether C Flows today and I must say the build on these are ridiculous. The weight is fantastic and does not kill me like my LCD XC did. They look and feel fantastic. Probably the best design ive seen so far. Though I am not sure if they will stay. First impressions did not go well at all with me so I'm hoping im just tired today and that I find the magic in these after a couple of days but if nothing changes then I doubt I will continue with them.
  5. aamefford

    As we see posted so often:
    1) You might get used to the signature in a couple of days.
    2) These actually do break in over several days/hours
    3) They are not necessarily for everyone.  You may well decide they are not for you!
    OK, 1 and 3 are pretty much showing off my solid grasp of the obvious.  Anyway, give them a few days at least.  I don't know if the 100+ hours is required for them to burn in or break in enough to decide if you like them.  I recall my non-flow Ether C's changing a lot over 40-ish hours, then much more modest (slight) changes.  I suspect you will know if they are for you in a few days.....  I've spent a long day with the Ether C flow and I own the non flow C.  Both check a lot of the right boxes for me.  I'll probably maybe kinda for sure or not do the upgrade.
  6. Middy
    My original Ethers...I was a little frightened I'd just convinced the wife to let me spend that much cash on headphones and they didn't sound that much better than my £300 B+W P7'S...
    GoD ..At least 160 hours....it's just a marketing ploys and people here are just talking rubbish....Thats the panic I had....out of the box....
    when the first week went by they sounded better a lot better....
    Then they just dialed into focus and the magic happened....
    We need a Gif for the Old Total recall fat lady mask breaks and repeats TWOOOO Weeeekzzz..


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  7. Middy
    My old LCD headphones are really.. heavy ..Dan..

    Will they burn in Mr Speakers Dan and Peter? 200 hours ?????
    Open your Mind...Open. your Minndd...


  8. x RELIC x Contributor


    She likes to rock out too...

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  9. Middy
    Haha perfect...thank you....
  10. heliosphann
    Any update on the upgrades? Is the next round for US customers still going to be in Jan/Feb?
  11. danieldpagan
    Holy cow vocals are just something else with these.

    I'm on to something.
  12. greenkiwi
    I would definitely give them a listen w/o skipping back to the XCs... I find it takes a while to get used to each of the signatures.  The XCs seem to provide a lot more energy and feel more "fun"... (at least to me).  I find that if I swap back and forth I really notice the differences, however, once I've listened for a while, the C's really hold their own.
  13. Badas

    I know. They take getting use to. Probably one of the Flows best features. Puts a smile on my face when you get the right track.

    I'm on my second week with the Flows. The whole time I've been using them exclusively with a SS amp and they sound lovely.
    This morning I was in a funny mood and decided to put the flows on my tube amp (Woo WA22). I've been kinda off tubes of late. Just kinda looking at the amp and thinking it looks pretty but really SS beats it. Well this morning the Flow and tube amp is like aligning the universes great. Blowing my mind how good it sounds.
    This is sounding about as good as the best rig I have ever heard. The Bricasti / Utopia combo.
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  14. husafreak
    I have been really noticing drums with my Flows, really hearing the skins and how tight they are tuned. Maybe a planar/electrostatic thing. Again, very realistic.
  15. emptymt

    the bass is the biggest improvement over original IMO.
    must be the "wave guide" directing all that airflow on the right direction.
    I also noticed that compared to other open headphone the sound leak is not as bad.
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