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MrSpeakers ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow -- Inspired by Electrostatic Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Jul 14, 2016.
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  1. kejar31
    I have taken my pads off by myself many many time for both the Ether C and the Ether Flow. The trick to insuring the drivers don't bang each other is simply how you hold the headphones. Here are some pics on how I hold them, when removing the pads. Notice I always keep the drivers separated by the back of my hand / arm. 
    Putting them on can be a little more tricky but the same idea holds true.. always separate the two drivers with the back of your hand/arm. 
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  2. chengdigger
    I ended up buying some Ether Flows while waiting to upgrade my C's. While waiting for the order to arrive, I second-guessed myself as foolish. The original C's are very nice. 
    Well, I am happy to report that the Flows are fantastic. I've had them for nearly a month now. They play nice with a wide range of amplification and sources. Best of all, the comfort is such that I'll now have no reservations parting with my LCD-3's. Bye bye neck pain! This headphone is versatile enough that I'll probably end up clearing out a lot of the stockpile of cans I keep for certain music types and situations.
  3. Badas
    Exactly. That's why I got help. A second set of hands just to keep the drivers from banging. Mine did bang once and put a scratch on the grill. I touched it up with a little gloss paint. Not noticeable.
    My LCD-3's went on sale immediately as well. They had their day. That day is gone. [​IMG]
  4. jlbrach
    The flow is different not better than the LCD-3's which I think are classics....
  5. Badas

    They sounded so last decade when listening to them side by side next to Flow. The big things were soundstage and instrument separation sounded a mess on the LCD-3's. Everything was cleaner on the Flows.
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  6. claud W

    I did the same thing. I am beginning to wonder if upgrading the Cs to Flow is a good idea. They are great as is. and different from the Flows. I guess I will mull it over as I wait my time for Flow upgrade. In the mean time I have done cable upgrades on my two  headphone systems. 
  7. jlbrach
    I own the flow's...used to own the 3's and currently own the LCD-4 which I think is the best HP available.....I like the flow and think it is extremely comfortable and a fine HP....I do not however think they are a cut above the 3's especially when one can grab a used 3 for close to 1000 bucks.....both great options
  8. Rowethren

    You say that the used price is good but the thing that would really put me off used is trying to work out what you were actually buying with all the ninja revisions they do... Such poor business practices :rolleyes:
  9. MannerPylon
    Totally agree, a lot of sellers can't even really tell you which version they have. They just know when and where they bought it from and can't guarantee which revision it is. They really dislike putting new names on small revisions.
    That's one thing I can appreciate about Mr Speakers. Ppl sometimes get urked by the 1.1 but even a super small revision like that needs to be fully disclosed.
  10. apaar123
    Will they sound good with mojo?
  11. x RELIC x Contributor

    Oh yes, I'm listening to the ETHER Flow and the Mojo right now. Very good combo. I believe I mentioned it to you in a PM as well. Search through the thread and you'll see many other users happy with the combo, including the creator of the ETHER Flow.

  12. apaar123
    have you gamed in them?
  13. x RELIC x Contributor

    No, I use my 7.1 audio and 120" projector screen for gaming. For music I love them.
  14. husafreak
    Too soon to say much, but I am extremely pleased with my new Ether Flows. I kinda knew I would like them from my auditions. Honestly, they just sound very "real" to me. To try and explain that, I usually lean toward darker sounding gear, and I'm usually quickly put off by very bright gear. But brighter highs do help bring out the realism, the you are there in the studio realism. Anywhoo, my overriding first impression (at home and not auditioning now) is that next level of realism that I always craved, brought out through detail and separation, while still being pleasant to listen to. I feel that I have got quite lucky here. In the past searches I found revealing cans to be too thin or bright or clinical, bass heavy cans too thick or muddied, quick cans to be too aggressive or in your face, it is almost embarrassing how fast some really well regarded headphones came off my noggin. I worried that maybe I just wasn't a headphone guy. My main stereo system always killed whatever cans I had on hand. But so far these headphones seem to really fit the bill. I should include that my auditioning was via my QP1R and a Kensie amp, and at home I am using my Liquid Carbon V2 and Garage 1217 Ember II loaded with dual Zenith 6J5G. Not harsh gear at all.
  15. fiascogarcia
    The LC, with just a little bit of warmth, is a very good match with the Flows!  Using Hugo as the DAC, and it's a great combo.
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