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MrSpeakers ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow -- Inspired by Electrostatic Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Jul 14, 2016.
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  1. mscott58
    Very cool insights and great setup! Congrats
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  2. hemtmaker


    I heard both cans and currently own the C flow. The C flow soundstage is quite impressive and I actually prefer the its sound signature over the open version by a bit little (They are both great sounding headphones and too bad i can't justify owning both)
  3. Jazic

    How would you compare the two since you prefer the Ether c flow?
  4. hemtmaker

    I found the mids a tiny bit recessed relative to the highs on the open flow. And I enjoy the added sub bass on the C flow.
  5. kranebrain
    Does anyone know if the internals of the cable for the XLR vs 1/4" are the same? Like could someone with knowledge remove the XLR or 1/4" jack and solder on the other?
  6. Muinarc
    I took my 1/4" DUM cable apart and found 4 conductors and changed it to a 4-pin XLR.
  7. rthomas
    I heard the Flow and Flow C at the Indulgence Show in London. The Jotunheim was the amp/dac used.
    I found these headphones to be way too harsh in the treble, I would try before you buy especially if you use neutral solid state amps.
    I came home and listened to my HD650s with my Jotunheim (same songs) and the results were much smoother and as detailed.
    I believe the Ether Flows are a poor value especially at the UK price of 1700 Pounds. My HD650s were 232 Pounds!
  8. husafreak
    Long live the HD650! Enjoy them. But I'll take the Flow's any day.
  9. Rowethren
    Same here! But then life would be boring if everyone liked the same thing [​IMG]
  10. nvfan

    A lot of stuff is a bit poor value compared to $200-300 class headphones like the HD600 series. I think its probably better to compare the Ether Flows to peers in their price range.
  11. danieldpagan

    Aren't the 650s a dark headphone?
  12. Jazic
    Meh, if it's comparable it should be up on the block for comparison. I know they are completely different class but to compare a HD600 to like a mid class car vs the Ether Flow to a high end sports car is fair. Obviously the sports car is going to perform better but it should relate to people who are familiar with the the mid class car. 
    I could get behind not comparing headphones to IEMs but even still they are indeed comparable if you know the limitations of each.
  13. Jazic
    I think they are kind of a grey color. :p
    But seriously, they are considered darker than the HD600 by most with certain gear. 
  14. kejar31
    HD650 = slow wooly bass and rolled off highs which is why they get referred to as dark. (been an owner multiple times)
    If you have spent a large amount of time with a headphone like this, you need to give the Ether's a better try than 5 min at a show. Spend a week with them, let your brain adjust to the new sound.
    I personally think “sonically” the Ether Flow trumps the HD650 in just about every way and I don’t necessarily dislike the HD650 (got the HD6XX’s for my son for Christmas)
    Outside of sound the Ether’s have a much higher build quality and comfort, with the HD650’s being built from plastic with cloth padding. While the 650 is comfortable the dip in the middle of the headband gets irritating on my head at times… and the clamp force can be a little much up front (until broken in). The Ether’s are built from titanium metal and leather. I am willing to bet the cable, leather and headband alone cost as much to make for MrSpeakers than you paid for your HD650’s.
    Is the HD650 a better bang for the buck, sure as hell is, is it in any way shape or form better than the Flow’s, IMHO hell no. 
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  15. rthomas
    I respectfully but strongly disagree with this sentiment. There is no rule that a $300 headphone can't be compared to or superior to a $ 1800 headphone. Price in this field is only loosely connected to performance. People forget that in 2003 the HD650 was Sennheisers flagship and just because the price has decreased does not mean it's a worse headphone :D

    The Ethers price is also affected by its excellent build quality and materials. However I'm perfectly happy with plastic
    Construction as long as the money goes into the sound quality....

    These are just my impressions and I would caution Headfiers who are sensitive to harsh treble from buying the Ethers before trying.
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